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Halitosis and Post

Halitosis and Post Nasal Drip Causes and Cures

If you constantly feel like you have snot, mucous or phlegm dripping down from the back of your nose. Combinwith a pretty bad case of rotten breath. You may well be suffering from a condition known as Halitosis and Post Nasal Drip.

Post Nasal Drip occurs when excess mucous is producby your sinuses and accumulates at the back of your nose or throat.

The exact causes of Halitosis and Post:

Nasal Drip vary from person to person and include allergies, certain medications, colds and flu, pregnancy and other hormonal changes, smoking, rhinitis (i.e. inflammation of the nose or its mucous membrane) and sinusitis (i.e. inflammation of the sinuses).

But What’s The Link Between Halitosis And Post Nasal Drip?

You may be surpristo learn, but the vast majority of bad breath cases are actually causby bacteria that we all have in our mouths.

Under certain conditions, these bacteria break down the proteins found in the accumulatmucous. When they do, they give off sulphur compounds known as Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSC’s).

Normally the smell given off by these sulphur compounds is relatively unnoticeable, but because Post Nasal Drip causes such an excess of mucous an unusually high amount of VSC’s are given off, resulting in a nasty case of halitosis.

So What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Halitosis And Post Nasal Drip?

Nowadays there are lots of different decongestants and antihistamines. That you can buy over the pharmacy counter which claim to be able to ‘dry up’ Post Nasal Drip.

However, many medical experts believe that such products should only be usin. The short term as use for prolongperiods of time can result in dependency on them. As well as your body building up a resistance to them.

Instead, many people are now heralding nasal irrigators. As one of the best ways to get rid of Post Nasal Drip. A drug-free method of treatment. Nasal irrigators typically work by gently flushing excess mucous from your sinuses.

Nowadays, Post Nasal Drip certainly doesn’t have to be an ongoing. Reoccurring problem and hopefully you should find a suitable treatment which can alleviate your own situation.

If, however, tests have rulout:

Post Nasal Drip and you still have bad breath. You may neto consider the other different factors which can cause halitosis in order to get your breath back on track.

Marnie Wallace has spent many years researching the different causes of bad breath. She’s recently come across an eye-opening report which turns many common misconceptions. About bad breath on their head, as well as a simple step-by-step action plan.

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