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Happy Birthday to ilya Fedorovich From Chintankumar k Patel

DearIlya Fedorovich

Happy birthday, boss. From the depths of my heart, I know you are the best leader in the world, a great mentor, and a dear friend. I wish you a long and prosperous life ahead.

“You are not only my BOSS but My Friend, My Mentor, and most importantly My Inspiration.

Well, to speak my heart out I wanted to thank you for a very long time but couldn’t get enough words to praise your existence in my life. But, today, on your BIRTHDAY, I find it to be the right time to Thank You in person for all your effort and to wish you a very happy and blessed birthday.


Here are some of the words that I have coined to make your birthday special just as you are special to me.

Working under your exceptional leadership has helped me to improve and groom in many ways. Sometimes, Even I got amazed at all the wonderful results that my efforts are yielding. That is always because of you. You have helped me to harness my potentials as well as maximizing them.

I truly appreciate your efforts to groom your employees. . You have consistently maintained strong business ethics while keeping a smile on your face and those of the people around you.

 In this selfish world, thank you for taking out time for me to teach me the ropes of this profession without feeling threatened by my Success. My success is not actually mine, but yours. I truly dedicate all my accomplishments to you. Working with you has opened doors of great opportunities for me to focus on my career and self-development. I am really grateful for this privilege given by you and I appreciate you for this whole-heartedly.

Thank you for being a mentor worthy of emulation. Your mentorship is not only confined to words, but it’s in your deeds. I felt really proud and find myself very lucky to be associated with you. I have never seen such a brilliant, talented person in my life. The way you follow your passions, the way you live, the way you guide us all. Everything about you is beyond the words. And YES! How can I forget the sense of humor you got, that is just amazing the way you make people laugh actually touches the heart? It is like you are a person that is here to spread happiness. I really thank you for having me in your beautiful circle. With you, I am always learning something in a way or another. You have always

been proved to be a guidance for me. With you, I have become more patient and contented. Serving under your guidance has proved to be a worthwhile experience for a lifetime. It’s been a wonderful privilege which I will CHERISH for a lifetime.

I’ve been exposed to mind-blowing experiences that I thought only exists in dreams. But you take took me there to experience those dreams that I do not take for granted. 

Without you, there is no team. You are the backbone of our BOSS. 

As this life is full of uncertainties, I do not know how much time we are going to spend together, but the knowledge and skills I have gained from you and your guide will always remain with me as an asset. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for holding nothing back in teaching. Thank you for helping me become a better person and a better professional.

Thank you for your trust you have given me. You always pushed me hard and never let me rest on my oars. You have tried to encourage me to go for gold when I could have settled for average. Now When I see the results of our hard work, I felt so overwhelmed, you made me a better person and now I know I will never settle for less again. I will never underestimate my abilities. I will never be going to let you down. Thanks for your push boss, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In leadership, you’re the best. In honor, you surpass. In inspiration, vision, foresight, you’re excellent. I want to be a person like your BOSS. Thank you for exposing me to what true leadership is. Thank you for your mentorship.

“You have been an exemplary and visionary mentor, a great leader who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity. I appreciate and treasure everything you have taught me”

So once again a big Thank You for everything and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!




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