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Healthy foods

Healthy foods that your whole family is eating

As a new mom, you must keep yourself aware of what you must feed your baby and what you must avoid. Not every food is good for your newborn when they are born. This can choke your little one and this can lead to several other complications as well. Also, you must choose foods that can keep your newborn away from several kinds of diseases such as constipation, chronic illnesses. As a new mother, you always want the best Parenting Hacks which can help you in parenting, but in food, there’s nothing such as “best”. It is something more like what suits your baby the best. If you are looking for some foods which are best for your baby and are best suitable for them, have a look below. We have compiled a list of several foods which you can undoubtedly feed your baby prefer consulting your doctor.

Let’s Dive right into this blog to know what’s good for your small baby

safe foods for your baby:

As per some baby food recipe books, avocados are the best first foods for babies. Avocados have a mild taste with a smooth consistency. You can easily prepare various recipes with avocados as they are simple to cook. You can mix avocados with your breast milk until it reaches a pureed consistency.

Bananas are a rich source of fiber, magnesium, Vitamin B6 as well as potassium. You can easily feed your child with bananas whenever they feel hungry and hence you can even mix them with several other ingredients such as fruit custard or banana pie. Make sure that you feed your kid with healthy food such as bananas as it would give them a wholesome of benefits in this growing age.

As per some baby food recipe books, blueberries are the ultimate food for your baby. You can prefer giving your newborn a spoonful of blueberry yogurt. This will be of immense benefit. Do not feed your newborn with raw blueberries as it can choke your baby.

Breastmilk comes with a variety of essential nutrients such as vitamins, iron, minerals, nutrients, etc and hence this is just sufficient for a baby for up to 6 months. It helps in your baby’s brain development and also ensures healthy weight gain in them.

Well, all the above-shared foods are good for a baby of up to 6 to 8 months old. You can make your little one eat these foods raw or even make some good light recipes with them to ensure high nourishment.

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