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Pencil pleat and eyelet curtains are widely used for their beautiful drape and fall. Eyelet curtains look simple and casual on the other hand pencil pleat curtains look more sophisticated, unique, and classic. They not only look beautiful but also functional and comfortable. So, if you are up to changing or replacing the existing curtains try experimenting with the pencil pleat curtains. They look stylish and fully comply with the latest 2020 trends. Read our article to find more about the pencil pleat curtains…

What Are Pencil Pleat Curtains? 

Pencil pleat refers to the heading style of the curtains. It contains a tapped heading having three cords on both sides. These strings are used to create the Pleats and adjust the width of the curtains according to the window size. A standard pencil pleat heading has 3inches wide tape all across the head side with three different hooks positions. These positions allow you to hang the curtains from 3 different positions. They are classic and uniform folds closed tightly together creating a pencil-like shape. The pleats are close at the header which tumbles freely while going toward the floor. Plus, they can be hung from rod, track, poles and rails.  

What Places Are Best To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains?

Light to medium weight fabric materials are ideal for pencil pleat curtains because they show smooth and pleats. There’s no restriction of pattern or designs. As stated earlier pencil pleat curtains look classic and traditional which makes them fit into any interior especially this having classical interiors and old designs. Pencil pleat curtains are a popular choice for living room, drawing room, living room, and bedroom. The sewn-in pleats create a tailored look giving you exactly the same finishing you want to have.

How To Hang The Crushed Velvet Curtains Like A Pro?

If you are just a beginner or have never hung pencil pleat curtains before here’s a detailed guide to help you. Hanging pencil pleat curtains doesn’t involve any rocket science but common sense. Below are given two commonly used methods used to hang the pencil pleat curtains. Read both of them and figure out which one should you go for…


  1. Tie all three cords together from one end of the heading. This will help you gather the curtain & create the pleats.
  2. Grab the tied end of the curtain with one hand & start pulling the curtain toward yourself. Pull until the curtain finishes. Adjust the width of the curtain according to your window size keeping a few cm extras. And tie the cords from the other end as well. 
  3. Now spread the curtain evenly on the bed and adjust the pleats with hand spreading them evenly along with the heading. 
  4. Once the pleats have been adjusted, insert hooks at the distance of 3 inches and wind them up with the rod’s rings. 

Pro tip: Before fastening the hooks hang your curtains temporarily once to check the width and the drape of the curtain. If the width and drape are according to your requirement fasten the hooks if not make sure to insert the hooks into other pockets.


  1. Tie all the three cords together from one end of the heading tape. Grab the inches tape and measure the width of the window & add a few inches extra to the measured width to get the desired yank.
  2. Fold the curtain to find the middle of it.
  3. Now divide the measured width into half and place the inch tape on the curtain centre & mark the half-width on both sides. 
  4. Once you are done. Tie the cords on the other end and pull the fabric of the curtains close together to make the pleats. Spread the pleats evenly between the tied cords and adjust them neatly. 
  5. Remember not to cut the cords instead tie them in a bow shape. 
  6. Make sure that the pleats are nice and even, count the total number of rings that you have on the curtain rod. And insert the same number of hooks in the pocket of the curtain at an equal distance. 
  7. Fasten the hooks into the curtains rings. And there you go the curtain is all on.

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