How Companies Use Social Media Analytics to Make Marketing Decisions

How Companies Use Social Media Analytics to Make Marketing Decisions

As more companies adopt social media marketing as their primary mode of advertising or as a supplement to conventional marketing, social media analytics has become even more critical. Social media analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data from social media sites using analytical tools. Insights derived from examining this data helps businesses make marketing decisions. Here is how companies use social media analytics to make marketing decisions.

Establish what success looks like

Social media analysis helps a business establish the full potential of digital marketing for their brand. What the possible outcome might be if they get everything right. This includes how much brand awareness or conversions the marketing campaign can generate and what gaps in the current advertising strategy need to be fixed. With this information at hand, the business can go on to come up with a strategy and make decisions that will lead up to this success.

Put out content that matches trends

The world today is evolving fast, and what is fashionable today is likely not to be tomorrow. Without social media analysis, a company can easily put out content that makes it look old-fashioned and disconnected from reality. On the other hand, social media analysis allows a company to stay updated with current trends. This informs the brand’s decisions on which content they should avoid and what they should put out. Therefore, put out content that matches trends and be able to connect with a wider audience. Moreover, as the enterprise ties its content with trends, it becomes part of the trending conversation enabling it to build broader brand awareness.

Tailor content for each social media platform

Each social media platform has a unique type of membership that it attracts. Facebook is more for general audiences who want to socialize, Instagram appeals more to millennials who want to share their lives with the world, and Twitter’s fan base consists mostly of elites in the society who have an opinion to share about the things that matter to them. As a result of this, there is no social media marketing content magic bullet that works for all social sites. Social media analytics allows the company to understand your audience on various platforms. Therefore, it can make decisions on which content they should be creating for their diverse audience. This gives the business the chance to create content that precisely suites their audience on each of the social media platforms.

Personalize content based on audience profiles

Personalized social media content provides the brand a chance to target each of their audiences directly. Social media analysis enables a company to create customized audience profiles. This gives it insights on who each audience is and what they are interested in at a particular time. The personalized audience profiles enable the brand to make better decisions on when to push their marketing content to an individual. This can be when they are looking for a particular service or product that the brand offers. Offering this personalized marketing content significantly boosts the conversions for a company.

Why pick NetbaseQuid for your social media analytics?

NetbaseQuid is a top-notch social analytics platform with a wealth of experience in serving businesses in various sectors. The company has earned a reputation for offering services that give its clients an unbeatable return on their social media marketing investment. It employs innovative analytic tools that utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence to provide insights that none of their competition can. These insights are only unbeatable but also real-time and accurate.

As a result of offering reliable social analytics services, NetbaseQuid has grown into a world-class venture that serves companies of all sizes. Its services are affordable, and you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $10,000. The company advises that you do your social media analytics as often as every 12 to 18 months to enjoy sustained success.

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