How Free Press Release Services Fuel Your Brand Image With More Traffic Count?

How Free Press Release Services Fuel Your Brand Image With More Traffic Count?

To get a high amount of media coverage for the newsworthy story within your organization avail of free press release services from professional PR sites.


A press release is the oldest form of promotional tool in the world. Even in this age of vast digitization and easily accessible internet, people still rely on the media outlets for their news. This is why press releases are still the most effective way of garnering media and audience attention. Free press release services provided by reputed press release distribution agencies are your best choice to get undivided media coverage. Also, it helps you to gain valuable publicity for your products or services.

Let’s go through the advantages that press releases pose before issuing a PR for your organization:

1. Outstanding SEO benefits

In this age of vast digitization, the print media has evolved itself becoming mostly online. Press release distribution has also shifted from offline to the online spectrum opening up a whole new demographic for businesses and organizations. Unlike offline, the effect of online PR distribution does not get seized after its publication. When it is published online it stays there forever. With proper search engine optimization, your story can still rank high in the search results long after its original publication.

  • Try using keywords in the title and the opening paragraph of your content.
  • Include link banks to your website within your press release.
  • Use Keyword-rich anchor text in the backlinks. It improves the search ranks of the pages being linked to.

2. Receive cost-related advantages 

The popularity of press releases lies in their cost-efficiency. If you write your press release it does not cost you a dime. Press release distribution can also be free if you approach the journalists and media outlets on your own. For more effective PR distribution you can always hire professional press release distribution services that get your story in the hands of top media houses. The only cost that you have to bear is the distribution charges. Some paid distribution sites even offer one or two free press release services with authentic press release distribution to major media outlets in your industry.

3. Do you know it increases sales?

Press releases are the easiest and quickest way of boosting your sales. If your company is having a sale or entering into a new business prospect, it is necessary to get audience engagement that will encourage higher sales. Through press releases, you can easily get the word out to the larger audience garnering extensive media coverage. The press releases can be used to create hype before the launch of a new product or service and make a noticeable impact in the minds of potential customers.

4. Establish your brand image in an effective way

To improve your company’s visibility, you need to establish a brand image of your organization. By publishing a few numbers of press releases, your company will easily get under the radar of your customers in your specific industry. It will let the customer get acquainted with who you are, what you do, and how your company is relevant to the customers.

5. Boost website visibility 

Most of the population in the world spent a huge amount of their daily time online searching for unique and exclusive stories.

  1. The backlinks to your website provided in the press releases increase traffic to your website boosting audience engagement.
  2. You can easily guide your consumers to your blog or website, and other platforms where you promote and sell your products and services.
  3. With a flawless presentation of your story in your press release will be able to build seamless communication between the customers and the websites.

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