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How I Lost My Weight With An Exercise Bike

How I Lost My Weight With An Exercise Bike

This past year was such a rollercoaster for me, and I had to admit that it got the worst out of me – both physically and mentally. Luckily for me, I managed to find a way to destress by using an indoor exercise bike and I also had to learn if you can lose weight with these bikes.

It turns out – you can and it is even easier than you have imagined losing weight with this workout routine! Since we are still in the middle of what it can be called the biggest pandemic of the last decade, experts still recommend staying at home as much as possible and avoiding the crowds. That doesn’t mean you can’t work out – and owning an exercise bike is one of the reasons why!

The fact that you can have an effective and fun workout routine in the comfort of your home is such a relief for me! Exercise bikes are a great way to create a caloric deficit, so your body will start using its stored resources resulting in losing weight.

How much should you work out on this exercise bike to reach your goals? There are multiples factors that cross my mind when thinking about this and one of them is your initial weight and the desired weight that you want to reach.

I want to talk about the reasons why I chose to exercise with an indoor bike so I am going to list the main benefits of using this kind of equipment.

1. It is safer than outdoor bikes!

If you are afraid of falling as much as I am, then this is one of the reasons why you should consider using a stationary bike! You can get all the joy that cycling gives you without worrying about dangers like cars, bumping into rocks, or even bumping into other cyclists. Just put on your favorite music full volume and enjoy an energizing workout in the comfort of your home!

2. Modern indoor bikes are super convenient!

Modern stationary bikes take up so minimum space into your home, being perfect for flats, too. They are lightweight and can even be carried easily from room to room, to be sure that you will never get bored of working out in the same space every day.

3. Training on stationary bikes protects your joints!

I know what being overweight means when it comes to joint pain! Your body doesn’t need any more pressure on the joints, or your ligaments can suffer irremediable damage. Don’t worry, stationary bikes protect your knee joints, your hips, and your ankles since this routine is a low-impact one, that helps you burn fat without needing to jump around or move swiftly.

4. Having a daily workout routine improves your overall health!

It is known that having a daily workout routine improves your cardiovascular health, lowering your cholesterol levels, too. This also results in an increased lung capacity, since your heart will be able to deliver oxygen much more efficient than it used to before!

You will be able to sleep better, and work out faster and for a longer time!

5. It is a great way to destress!

I know that this last year must have been stressful for you. Working from home has been a real challenge for me, too, and I had to learn to distinguish the borders between working from home and relaxing. Before this pandemic, it was easier, you finished work and went home, but how do we do that when our working desk is in our home?

For me, indoor cycling was the perfect way to get my mind off work, and it helped me improve my mental health and general mood. Cycling releases endorphins and studies have shown that these hormones help reducing anxiety and relieve stress. I also enjoyed multitasking – I always watch my favorite TV series while working out, it’s fun and I save precious time, too!

I hope that this little piece of advice might come in handy to you when you’re considering a daily workout routine for losing weight. Especially now, when we still find ourselves lost in the middle of the pandemic and social distancing is still a big deal, an indoor bike can be an important asset to have in our homes – it improves our general health while keeping us safe from interactions with strangers at the gym.

Working out has never been easier than it is nowadays, by using these modern indoor bikes!

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