How many carats should an engagement ring be?

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

Love knows no bounds – and it seems as if the more you spend on the engagement ring, the better. But how much is too much and how much is just enough to keep your spouse and your bank account happy? That is why you must know how many carats an ideal engagement ring must be to save you the embarrassment of rejection and the regret of spending an entire month’s salary.

One to One and A Half Carat Should Be Great for Most Men – And Women

With that being said, an average of 0.9-carat diamond works well for most Solitaire Jewels setting rings. The lone diamond sparkles in a monochromatic silver or platinum ring and outshines the classic gold band. On the other hand, a 1.5-carat diamond engagement ring covers the entire width of a normal finger – thus, catching attention from afar. Carat weight from 1 to 1.5 makes the classic engagement ring, but if you would like to purchase a more stunning set then there are more ways how you can design a spectacular ring with lower carats diamonds.

A Two Carats Diamond Ring is Considered HUGE

It may not sound like too much, but it will certainly look bigger on your spouse’s finger. That is why most people tend to buy a two-carat diamond ring. These look bigger and sturdier in a halo setting with loose or artificial diamonds surrounding it – or you can opt for less expensive gemstones as well.

Diamond Clarity and Color Can Also Affect the Cost of the Ring

With all said, you can cut down costs by buying a higher carat weight ring but of a lower clarity and an uncommon color. An uncommon color like chocolate or canary diamonds is cheaper than rare diamonds in pink or blue color. On the other hand, you can save a good amount of money by buying a diamond ring of a lower carat weight as well as clarity. Usually, the defects are too small to be perceived by the naked eye in such rings – thus, markedly decreasing their value.

Lower Carat Diamond Rings in Different Settings

You can either opt for a solitaire two-carat weight diamond ring. Or you can choose a more versatile and out-of-the-box look with different settings – both of which would save money and your respect in front of your significant other. Buying a one or two-carat diamond with two lesser carats diamonds for a three-stone ring setting is ideal and pocket-friendly. Choosing lower carat weight diamonds and aesthetically placing them in stack rings, bezel, channel, and twisted settings give a more attractive look than the conventional solitaire.

Lower Carat Diamond Rings in Different Cut

If you have the slightest knowledge of geometry, you can understand that the shape of a diamond can affect the carat weight. Thus, diamonds of the oval, cushion and princess cuts usually tend to be more expensive because lower carat diamonds do not compliment their looks so well. On the other hand, oval and pear-shaped diamond cuts tend to look bigger even if they are of a lower carat weight. That is why choosing these cuts not only saves money but also makes your ring appear bigger.   

A Five Carat Diamond Ring is Considered as the King of Engagement Rings

If you’re planning to go all out and buy the best engagement ring for your loved one, then there must be a definite upper limit. That is why most people tend to buy the king-sized five-carat diamond ring – but of course, in princess cut. This giant stone can be perceived from a mile away. But unlike its 0.9-carat (and more popular) counterpart, a five-carat diamond ring should have very small or very very small inclusions. Since the diamond’s surface is wider, bow-tie effects and shadows are also clearly discernible. Hence, significantly adding to the cost and craftsmanship for such rings.

That is why the bottom line is that a 0.9-carat diamond engagement ring works well for most people – especially if you would love to see your significant other donning it everywhere until you get married. And while a five-carat diamond ring may seem like a dream engagement ring to a few, it is highly impractical to be worn daily. Thus, a two-carat ring should be a more logically upper limit.

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