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How many more days of butter-smelling hand fielding

Rahul Dravid once said, ‘Eleven selection has no role behind winning or losing a match. The win-loss is determined by the field performance of the eleven selected. Let’s try to understand the meaning of this word of Dravid. The team does not field eleven at a time while batting. Everyone has to get off while fielding. The two of them always have to play a certain role – bowling and wicketkeeping.

The role of the remaining 9 people scattered in the field is very important.In the words of Jonty Rhodes, enjoying fielding is no longer a ‘hard work’. If you don’t enjoy it, it becomes difficult and if you miss the catch, the commentators say, ‘Butter finger’ means you have applied butter to your hands and started fielding!

With these words, a question arises, is Bangladesh enjoying the game in T20 World Cup?

There is a saying in cricket করলে when nothing is happening, if the fielding is good, the opponent is under pressure. In the match against West Indies, a lot was in favor of the Bangladesh team. The opponent’s run was going to be stopped, the bowlers were also doing well. If the fielders could keep pace, could the West Indies score 142 for 7?

Roston Chase made his T20 debut today. He has batted three times from the third over. He was dismissed in the 19th over. Chase’s innings of 39 off 46 balls, though not in a T20 mood, is very important – because he will hold one end, the rest will be power-hitting, that was the plan!

Bangladesh spinner Mehdi Hasan has ‘helped’ in that plan very well.

In the seventh over of the innings, Chase gave the return catch to Mehdi while batting for 9 runs. The ball was a little louder and over the head, but not too hard.

Mehdi fell into a nightmare again in the 14th over. Fielders usually enter from outside the boundary before bowling. It can cover the whole border. When the catch is floating in the air, it is easy to understand where to stand.

This basic aspect of fielding in T20 is very important — since the batsmen are in a murderous mood from the beginning. Because of that mood, Chase picked up Shakib at midwicket in that over. When Mehdi was taking the catch from the top of his head, there was a lot of space behind him – that is, when Shakib started bowling, he was around, he didn’t even ‘move’ from the boundary.

For this reason, the loud catch had to be taken immediately from the top of the head, which, if it was a little behind, at least along the chest or waist, would have been an advantage.

Mehdi could not take the catch. Chase was then unbeaten on 26 runs. Because before that over (14th) the collection of West Indies was 65 for 5 wickets. They are completely under pressure.

Mehedi was not the only one who made a mistake in the over made by Shakib. Liton Das has also made an unforgivable mistake in a fundamental matter of wicketkeeping. Sharjah’s wicket is slow, the ball is low, today the spinners’ ball is even lower. In the fourth ball of the over, Nicholas came forward to hit Puran Shakib. Shakib hit the ball wisely.

The question is, the ball is getting a little lower, that’s what everyone has been watching since the beginning of the West Indies innings. In this case, the wicketkeepers keep the waist down. At the time of Shakib’s delivery, Liton was not in such a position at all – he just got down from his standing position.

What is the result after leaving this easy stamping?

Puran was batting for 2 runs then. In the end he left the field with 40 runs from 22 balls.

The fielders of Bangladesh have given the gift of ‘life’ to the top two run-getter of West Indies.Cover caught from the fist at the border!

A team can save the team by winning 20-30 runs only in good fielding. A team can only cut one or two runs in good fielding, put pressure on the opponent and pull out on the way to hit four-sixes. Has the Bangladesh team got it in this T20 World Cup?

How many more days of butter-smelling hand fielding

If he could, it would have been against Sri Lanka. Liton has left an easy catch made by two batsmen who have won 6 matches.

Looking at these ‘cricket syllabi’ of cricket and fielding in Bangladesh, one might think of that student of the school.

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