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How These People Are Making A Change Through Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society

This one society has taken on the task of honoring veterans through its organization. The Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The State of Florida established this society in 2011 to recognize and honor those military veterans who have made a significant contribution to the State of Florida, their city, town, and community through civic, business, public service, and other worthy pursuits through their works and lives during and after military service.

Most importantly, our society will not allow the veterans’ service to be forgotten. They even demonstrated their worth by awarding Vietnam War veterans. Throughout the United States, the society has found, acknowledged, and given the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration lapel pin to over 5000 Vietnam War Veterans.

Big Names of The Society

When it comes to board members and contributors, there are many names that have been associated with this excellent organization and have been working since its foundation. Colonel Bruce (Founder and President), Thomas S. Rice (Vice President), David Rose (Secretary), Lieutenant Commander Herlena Washington (Treasurer), Captain Thomas G. Gates (Chair Special Projects), Dr. David L. Goetsch, and Captain Reuter are among those participating (Director). These are the true faces behind this outstanding group that has been honoring veterans who have completely served the State of Florida.

The Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society, Inc. was established in 2019 as a non-profit organization to provide financial and administrative support to the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs and the Florida Veterans Foundation as needed to ensure the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame’s continued success. Their tagline, “Still Serving” has a strong meaning that even though a veteran’s duty is done, he is not worthless or retired. People should respect their efforts and praise them for them.

The Early Days

This society was inspired by the Arizona Veteran Hall of Fame. Colonel Host came across the Retired Officer’s Magazine while traveling with relatives in California in 2010, where he observed their goal and how they acknowledged the veterans who served for the State of Florida. After reading the article, he got the idea that the state of Florida, with its large population of veterans, could have something similar. When he returned to Tallahassee, he contacted his buddy Lt Gen Bob Milligan, who was a USMC Retired and the acting Director of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, and Florida State Senator Mike Bennet.His friend appreciated the concept and wholeheartedly backed him in making it a reality. They meticulously arranged everything before submitting it to the legislature. And today, we have a great organization that celebrates soldiers and recognizes their sacrifices.

Out of the 1.3 million people living in Florida, the society now has 121 veterans. To be a part of it, the veteran must first go through a tough vetting procedure before being chosen by society. However, in order to be qualified for entry into society, you must have a volunteering experience post-military service.

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