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How To Avoid Hidden Costs While Moving From The USA To The UK

How To Avoid Hidden Costs While Moving From The USA To The UK

How To Avoid Hidden Costs While Moving From The USA To The UK The cost of immigrating to a new country is very high, and not everyone can afford this. There are so many reasons people relocate abroad. Some people move because of their studies, some search for greener pastures, some relocate to be with family, and most people relocate because of their work. No matter the reason for relocating, one thing is sure; you need a well-planned budget. Immigrating to any country in the world requires a decent amount of investment. Everyone knows how expensive moving can be. Even when you’ve finally arrived and settled in, you’d be surprised with the countless number of hidden fees that you may not have factored into our budget. This article highlights the best ways to avoid hidden costs of moving to a house from US to UK. If you’re looking to move to the US, the following are the best ways to avoid hidden costs:

1. Do your Packing and Unpacking

Conventionally, it’s advisable to employ a moving company when moving to a new house. Moving companies save you the stress of loading and unloading your belongings into the truck. Moving companies are very effective for moving large furniture or sensitive items like computers, video game consoles, etc. However, these moving companies charge additional fees for rendering this service. Most moving companies charge by the hour. You can picture how long it’s going to take to move a 200 pounds couch up the stairs; a lot. One of the best methods to avoid hidden costs when moving to the UK is to load your belongings personally into the truck. Instruct the moving company to park the truck very close to your house and leave it there till you’re done. This way, you only pay for renting the truck and avoid the cost of paying these companies by the hour for packing.

2. Dispose Items you no Longer Need

Another way you can avoid additional costs moving to the UK is to dispose of properties you do not need. Many people find it hard to dispose of items they probably haven’t used in years; they see those items as unique or aren’t just ready to let go of them yet. It might be an old record you never play or some decade-long fax machine; anything you haven’t used in a long while should be disposed of.

Most moving companies bill you based on the weight of your properties. So, if you wish to cut costs, you should get rid of unnecessary stuff before moving. If you’re looking to move from the US to the UK, you’ll undoubtedly hire long-distance movers. The best way to downsize is by going through your home thoroughly; you’ll identify things you no longer need. Any item that’s too old or damaged should be discarded. You can even organize a yard sale; this can help boost your budget. You’ll save more money if you cut down your load.

3. Dismantle your Furniture before the Moving Team Arrives

Moving companies help you take care of almost every task involved with the moving processes. You should know that there’s no such thing as “free food.” Everyone wants some measure of compensation for any service rendered; moving companies are not exempted. If the moving company arrives before you’ve dismantled your furniture, they can help you do it but be ready to pay for that service; “nothing goes for nothing.” To avoid such unforeseen costs, disassemble your furniture before it arrives. These companies charge you by the hour, and you’d be surprised that the simplest of jobs take a larger amount of time. Items like sofas, desk chairs, tables, beds can easily be dismantled with the right tools. Disassembling your furniture might seem like a daunting task, but you can save yourself a lot of money with the right tools and good help.

4. Move Heavy Objects to Save Cash

Virtually all moving companies charge you extra for moving heavy possessions like couches, refrigerators, etc. The charges for moving such items could go higher if you’re lowering them down the stairs. Each moving company has a fixed rate they charge you by the hour. However, with a collection of efforts from your friends and family, you can avoid this hidden charge while moving. You will need help moving all the things you’re taking with you because you can’t handle this on your own; you’ll only hurt yourself. Instead, invite some friends over and let them assist you in moving heavy items. Most friends won’t ask you for anything in return; they’re there to help.

5. Compare Prices of Moving Companies before you Employ One

Before hiring a moving company, research all of their terms and conditions. Some moving companies include the cost of packing and unloading into the moving cost, while some charge extra for this service.  Most of the time, such companies don’t inform their customers of the added fee before starting the moving process. Since they charge by the hour, you could be left with a mountain of bills to pay for, which you never envisaged. If you’re moving to the UK from the US, locate moving companies that offer the best value for money and try to find out if they have any hidden fees attached.


Moving to the UK has a lot of benefits; battery salaries, glorious food, stunning sights, etc. The major problem is getting to the UK. Moving is quite expensive, and this cost could go a lot higher if you don’t apply the tips we just discussed. Try as much as possible to cut down on costs at any instance.

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