How To Change Your iOS GPS Location ?

Do you want to change your iOS GPS location? iOS GPS spoofing apps and programs help you to fake your location on every location-based application on your mobile. Sometimes faking location on iPhone is tricky. You might have legitimate reasons to change your location on your iPhone. Though it is a tricky process because there is no in-built feature that allows a user to change his GPS location in the device.

Some Of The Reasons Or Situations That Might Urge You For iOS GPS Spoofing

  • Pokemon GO: Suppose when you are playing the game Pokemon GO which needs your location. Here, you can track your location instead of moving to the real-location to catch Pokemons.
  • Dating Apps: Suppose you are about to shift to a new location and want to look for your dating partner there. iOS GPS spoofing will help you to trick a dating app into thinking that you are in your new location. The application will show matchable options for you that are present over there.
  • To Have Fun: Suppose you are visiting a new place and you want to check out a specific place over there but time constraints are not allowing you to do so. Yet with the help of iOS GPS spoofing, you can trick your friends and family and show yourself as checking in to that specific place.

Faking location on iPhone is tough considering the security and privacy in iOS. Though there are certain apps built by developers which might be able to help you out with this:

  •  Dr.Fone-Virtual Location: This is a mac program that can be used for iOS GPS spoofing. It is free for three days and is quite convenient to use. You have to just download the iSpoofer, then open iSpoofer in your device and select Spoof for iOS GPS Spoofing. Now, search for the desired location and click on that location. When you are done, select “Move”. This app is very risky to use with very limited features.
  • iTools: This program works on iOS version 12 or older for iOS GPS spoofing. It is free for only 24 hours. Install it on your computer and keep your iPhone connected using a USB cable. Select the free trial option. Select “Virtual Location” and enter the location you want to have on the top of the map. When the faked location is displayed, click on “Move Here”. It allows faking location on iPhone only for 24 hours. It is a bit risky and unstable for iOS GPS spoofing. So, you might want to try another option. One of the safest and stable ways is:
    • Dr. Fone Virtual Location: This can be used for iOS GPS spoofing anywhere in the world. All it takes is just a click for the entire process. It has minimal risks of being banned. It has quite an interesting interface design. You can simulate the GPS movement as you please. You can navigate this link to know more https://www.virtuallocation.com/iphone-location/

Some features of iOS GPS location spoofing are:

  • Spoof GPS Location On iPhone: You just have to enter the location you want to fake or coordinates for iOS GPS spoofing.
  • Spoof With GPS Joystick: You can control the movement with just a few keys like W, A, S, and D using a joystick.

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