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How to choose an injection molding supplier in China?

Toys, cutlery, medical equipment, plastic bottles, grocery bags, as well as other products made of plastic are becoming essential in our daily life. Plastic parts are also utilized in several other parts and materials utilized in the commercial, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

Plastic has remained a popular material with a wide range of applications, and the technique of producing it has improved through time. Injection molding China is used to make the majority of injection molding Injection molding Quote, and China seems to be a popular location for building up plastic injection molding due to its low costs.


You’ll need to verify those outside suppliers to see if they get the necessary knowledge, skills, or experience making injection molded goods in the fabric you require. When your selected molder hasn’t worked with the materials before, you can run into issues later on, such as with the material deteriorating, which the molder won’t be capable of detecting. For structural goods as well as those with apparent exhibit sections, knowledge is especially important.

Selecting Screw Diameters of a Larger Size

Due to material shortage, large screw sizes can sometimes result in poor quality issues. When tiny shot sizes are used with thick screws, the smooth surface takes longer to warm up from the barrel warmers than when large shot sizes are used.

Low income seems to be more likely to occur when the shot size is too small compared to the injection unit’s maximum shot capacity, especially for heat-sensitive substances. The huge clipping forces created throughout screw rotations are another issue with large thread width; this might break up the materials and result in rejected components.

Capability and capacity

Assess whether the factory’s power and capabilities correspond to the production needs. Inquire about whether the manufacturer handles all of the work in-house or outsources it to different vendors. Examine the scale of the production facility and whether it has state-of-the-art mold handling and injection molding workshops, as well as testing or merchandise arrangement services. Check to see or notice if the company has any additional equipment that may be needed for certain items, including such:

  • CNC machining
  • Fabrication
  • engraving equipment
  • wire slicing


Foreign-funded molding factories have practiced management, better processes, a greater sense of quality, and assured products and reliability; nonetheless, marketing and management costs will be considerable, resulting in comparatively high injection mold costs. It is suggested that you select a large-scale overseas injection mold company when you are worried about customer satisfaction if your organization has significant financial strength! However, in practise, large-scale overseas injection mold manufacturers have a steady stream of international customers, whereas domestic enterprises have a lower probability of receiving an order.

Even if they acquire orders from domestic-oriented businesses, the cost in relation to the foreign marketplace will be too high for many domestic businesses to accept. Huge amounts of money can be spent on a complex large vehicle injection mold. For most Chinese local enterprises, this is an unattainable price!

Is the maker trustworthy and genuine?

Alibaba seems to be the typical platform where most sellers and businesses start their search. Although the principal marketplace has a thorough list of manufacturers, not all of the companies listed are legitimate.

On the web, several distributors or investment firms may appear as manufacturers. Selecting the wrong supplier solely on the basis of a low price or quote might be fatal for your company. Some businesses that purchased injection molds from a Chinese manufacturer discovered that the molds were of poor quality and that the license provided by the supplier was forged.

Molds of poor grade can break out quickly, and changing them might result in higher long-term expenditures. Checking the legality of their licenses, business registration, and performance accreditation, including such ISO and also sampling, will help you choose a trustworthy manufacturer.


During manufacture, high-gloss areas, as well as those that will subsequently be adorned, need to be properly safeguarded such that they will not be polluted. Contamination can occur for a variety of reasons, including poor item handling, fans forcing dirt onto the goods, as well as the type of mold release employed, as air motions can convey contaminants onto the surface of the part. These are all just several of the factors to consider, so make an informed decision.

Regulated Injection Pressure

Molding methods should not be limited by injection pressure in order to consistently produce efficient parts. It is advisable to set aside a certain amount of 10% injection pressure such that the injection molding equipment can automatically adjust to natural variations in the density of the plastic material.

Shorter moldings will result from lower injection pressure. When buying a polymer injection molding machine, it’s crucial to choose the proper diameter because the injection unit’s shaft thickness usually determines the maximum injection pressure that can be achieved.


The control activities of Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong-funded injection mold factories, are slightly inferior to those of overseas injection mold makers, and on-site professional guidance materials and manpower are not as complete. Unification of design and management ideas can, however, reach Japan as well as South Korea, thanks to decades of prior industrial growth.

Even though the service and quality are not as good as in Europe as well as America, this is still a safe bet. Furthermore, unlike international injection mold producers, the pricing is not as exorbitant. As a result, many larger Chinese local enterprises seek long-term mold manufacturing partners from Taiwan-funded as well as Hong Kong-owned manufacturers.


Look to see how often the business has been producing plastic injection molds and when they have a thorough understanding or knowledge of the industry and the technique. Addressing the provider a few basic questions can assist you in determining their experience and knowledge.


One of the most important, crucial components or parts of selecting the correct plastic injection molding factory in determining whether the firm in China uses CAE technology to create products. Conventional injection molding usually entails testing a variety of goods, identifying faults, and then correcting the process, which may include adjusting mold architecture or plastic materials. All of this raises manufacturing costs, lengthens the item development time, and can lead to substandard products.

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