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How To Choose The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type

From the laid-back ‘loving a band’s Rock n Roll’ vibe to the dressier denim, we all can agree the invention of ladies jeans has been iconic. An all moms night out planned? Jeans! Quick grocery runs to the supermarket? Jeans! Ditching those skirts, but for what? Jeans! A pair of jeans literally answers all your OOTD questions and is definitely the holy grail of any wardrobe. They are casual, comfortable and most of all, they can be built around to give you a myriad of outfit options seamlessly. With the many pros added to them, the only tragedy you can imagine is picking up a pair of jeans that’s just not right for you.Yes, we did say jeans are for everyone but there is always a pair that’s literally tailor-made for you.

It’s How You Rise!

Every pair of jeans come in three basic yet flattering rises. These rises determine the fit of your jeans and you can then build your outfit accordingly around it.

Low Rise: These sit perfectly 2” below your navel and are extremely great if you are looking to show off your curves. Jeans with low rise should ideally snuggle you in the right places and they won’t look bulky.

Mid-Rise: Sits right below your navel and is a style that can be rocked by all body types. These are comfortable to wear all day and gives you a perfect structure in the mid-sections of your body. The length of the waist is pleasing with most top-wear and is an ideal go-to for every wardrobe.

High-Rise: Sits right above your navel and is one of the most classic pair of jeans to own. While many consider it to be a retro style, the popularity of high-rise jeans is maddening across every generation. Women with an hour-glass shape love these for their ability to fit just right. A cute crop top or a tucked-in satin shirt, both look extremely great with a high-rise pair of jeans.

Finding yourself a perfect fit

Whether you follow the trends or make your own, there is always a fit that resonates well with your personal style. This fit will define your wardrobe well and add the extra dose of chic. Let’s go through a list of styles we see today and the body type that suits them the most.

Boyfriend Jeans:

As the name suggests, boyfriend jeans have a slightly layered and bulkier fit, typically looks like a couple of sizes up your usual jeans. These jeans fit best on apple-shaped women. You can style yours with a well-fitted crop top and a pair of strappy heels.

Straight Jeans:

If you aren’t a skinny jeans fan, opt for straight-leg jeans instead. These are less structured and is extremely laid-back. An hourglass, apple-shaped women will create the perfect outfit while wearing these. Take this fit a notch higher by pairing it with a pair of mules, a satin shirt and a bright- coloured blazer. Even a t-shirt and boots are a classic take on simple jeans like this.

Skinny Jeans:

Even though the name suggests so, skinny fit jeans have nothing to do with a skinny figure. These jeans are typically clenched at your ankle and we suggest hoarding these styles no matter your body type. While these look amazing on every shape, the trick here is to ace the wash. A pear or hourglass shape look extremely great in a dark wash and apple or athletically shaped beauties can rock the lighter washes. Skinny fit jeans are the team-player of the wardrobe and gels amazingly with all kinds of tops and tees. You can create varied styles by playing with the volume of your top. You like it structured or oversized, these jeans adapt to every style.

A style that’s in your jeans!

Now that you found the jeans that fit you the best, Shop for them and try on your new favourites.

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