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How To Choose The Right Stand-Up Pouch Size For Your Products?

How To Choose The Right Stand-Up Pouch Size For Your Products?

A lot of manufacturers use these packaging items for packaging their food products like candies and nuts, non-food products like shampoos, cosmetics, or even pharmaceutical drugs.

Mistakes While Choosing A Stand-up pouch:

The most common mistake that companies make while choosing a stand-up pouch is that they ignore the amount of product they will be packaging.

Why should I use Stand-Up Pouches:

They’re extremely versatile and can hold almost all kinds of products. They can be customized easily and printed very conveniently, due to which they make an excellent choice for packaging pouch just like woopacking. And lastly, these bags contain less empty space than other types of packaging, which helps in getting rid of your brand’s image as a company that doesn’t value customer satisfaction.

Approved As A Alternative Packaging Material By FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved stand-up pouches in the United States as an alternative packaging material for food products unless otherwise specified by the product’s instructions or warning label. The FDA cautions against using stand-up pouches with liquids, which could make them susceptible to spills when compressed together in shipping containers. However, stand-up pouches are perfect for any solid foods such as chips, cereal, and even pet food ..


It is essential that you have a basic understanding of how to choose your stand-up pouch size. Otherwise, you could end up with a package that won’t fit on the shelf or doesn’t have enough space for high-volume items.

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