How to clean the mouse pad

The mouse pad allows the mouse to move more smoothly. Some mouse pads like oppai mousepadalso have a raised cushion that can support the wrist. However, after a long period of use, the mouse pad may become particularly dirty and requires thorough cleaning. 

  • Determine the material of the mouse pad. Mouse pads are usually made of sponge foam, covered with a layer of fine fabric or plastic.
  • The surface material needs to be cleaned.
  • If the surface of the mouse pad is made of fabric, you can use a damp cloth or towel dipped in shampoo and gently wipe the mouse pad. The shampoo is mild in nature, does not cause damage to the skin and most fabrics, and every family has it, so it is very convenient to use.
  • If the surface of the mouse pad is covered with plastic, it is recommended to clean the mouse pad with a spray-type household cleaner and a cloth or sponge. Dishwashing liquid or shampoo can also be used as a cleanser.
  • Rinse the cleaner off the mouse.
  • Tap the water on the mouse pad.
  • Dry the mouse pad thoroughly. The mouse pad must be completely dried before it can be reused.


  • If the surface material of the mouse pad is separated from the inner sponge, or the mouse pad is too dirty to be cleaned, then replace it with a new one.
  • While waiting for the mouse pad to dry, you can clean the sticky dirt on the mouse and the desktop under the mouse pad.


  • If the desktop is made of wood, you need to extend the time for the mouse to dry.
  • If you are not sure whether the mouse pad will fade, just wet a corner first to see the effect.
  • Do not place the mouse on a wet mouse pad; the mouse pad must be dried before use.
  • Wipe the mouse pad with an unnecessary cloth or towel so that it doesn’t hurt even if it gets dirty.

The cleaning methods for mouse pads made of different materials are different. The following Rubber will introduce you to several cleaning methods for mouse pads of different materials : 1. Cloth mouse pad:
Don’t always knead in the same place, wash each place, then rinse with cold water, and dry it. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the mouse pad will be washed and wrinkled.
2. Rubber mouse pad:
first prepare warm water of about 30°, and then soak the mouse pad for about 20 minutes. You will see that the water slowly turns black, and then slowly run the oppai mousepadwith your hand to press out the dust inside. Finally, rinse it off with cold water, don’t put it in the sun, just spread it flat in a cool and ventilated place.
3. Metal mouse pad:
Find two clean small towels, moisten one, and wipe the mouse pad in the same direction. Don’t get too wet, slightly wet. Then change to another clean towel and wipe it to thoroughly dry the water on the mouse pad. When it dries, it will be very clean.
4. Glass mouse pad
Put the mouse pad in the water, pick it up and wipe it gently with a cloth dampened with detergent. After all the mouse pads are wiped, rinse them off with water and place them in a cool and ventilated place

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