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How to disable the Norton Automatic / Annual Renewal Service?

Norton antivirus is a well-known antivirus around the world as it has numerous plans for providing excellent device security. The powerful scan of Norton antivirus keeps your device secure from data-theft, malware, corruptions, and internet threats. You can install Norton on Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Many people think that installing antivirus on mobile devices is not necessary but they are not aware of ransomware, phishing, and other kinds of internet threats that can get you on mobile devices also. If you are using the internet on the device then installing Norton antivirus is necessary to keep your data safe from threats.

When you install Norton’s plan on your computer; you will get a subscription for a year (or two) according to the license. But after one year your plan will expire and the device will no longer be under malware protection. So, when your Norton antivirus is about to expire; renew the plan immediately. Norton antivirus has an auto-renewal plan where your Norton antivirus renews itself when the plan is about to expire. If you have purchased your Norton plan from the online store then your billing details will be available. Norton renews the plan automatically and does the payment from your credit card details. But many people don’t want to renew their Norton plan as they want to upgrade it to another plan or may not be satisfied with Norton features. At that time they can Cancel Norton Antivirus auto-renewal plan.

Steps to cancel Norton Antivirus auto-renewal feature:

  1. Open your computer and browse for Norton antivirus
  2. Go to Norton website and click on Sign In
  3. Enter your Norton username and password
  4. Press the Login button
  5. Click on the Subscriptions page
  6. Now you will see a Norton Automatic renewal option
  7. Toggle the slider to Off
  8. You will get a confirmation prompt on your screen
  9. Choose the Turn Off button

Now your Norton auto-renewal mode is disabled. If your Norton plan gets expired then your device will get exposed to the malware. So, if you don’t want to lose any important information then you should renew your plan immediately. You can also renew the plan manually.

Norton antivirus starts sending you expiry warning emails, messages, and pop-ups a month before the expiry date. So, whenever your Norton antivirus notifies you about your subscription expiry; renew it immediately.

Don’t worry because you can get the refund of your Norton antivirus auto-renewal before 30 days. If you contact the support team for a refund before 30 days then you will get a refund.

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Some people disable the auto-renewal plan to upgrade their Norton plan. But before you upgrade the Norton plan; uninstall previous Norton setup and then install Upgraded Norton plan. You can easily upgrade the Norton plan by following the steps given below:

  1. Open your device and search for Norton antivirus
  2. Go to Norton website; you will see various Norton plan
  3. Click on the plan you want to install (don’t forget to check device requirements)
  4. Sign up page will appear on your screen
  5. Login Norton will your credentials
  6. Now you will get a billing page

Enter billing details and then press the Buy Now button. After purchasing Norton antivirus, you will get an email on your email account. Click on Norton setup to run. And follow all the on-screen commands to download and install the upgraded plan of Norton antivirus on your computer. You will also get a product key along with the receipt. Enter the product key for completing the Norton installation process.

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