How To Frame Your Wedding Invitations To Hang In Your Home?

Our wedding day is quite important and we want to make sure everything remains memorable so that when you look at such stuff years later, it would feel great. Now, when it comes to weddings, there are loads of things that play a really essential role, and one of them are wedding invites. Read more about “Wedding Invitations To Hang In Your Home” below.

Wedding invites are the ones that include all details regarding your wedding. Be it change the date wedding cards where you had to push up your wedding or delay it due to reasons, or anything else. Wedding invites are quite memorable and people make sure to keep them safe with them even years later.

Now, if you are someone who just recently got married, and now want to frame your wedding invitations, then you have found the right place. Have a look down below at some of the ways you can hang your wedding invites in your home by framing them!

• Using light toned frames

Now, the way you frame your wedding invitation also depends on its design and color. If the frame you went for has light tones, then you are should add a cream color to the background of the invite, with a traditional, wooden frame. However, it should be deep as well. You can go for campaign silver or anything that goes with your invites. Moreover, hang it above a table and add some decoration pieces that complement the color of the invite. Trust me, this will result in a great option for sure.

• Add a modern touch

Next up, we have got another incredible way to give your wedding invitation a modern look when hanging in your home. This is where you should opt for trending, solid frames. For instance, darker colors that come with rivets. This will give your invites a chic look......

• Add them to your photography wall

Another thing you should consider doing is adding your wedding invitations to your photography wall. Most people have such walls in their houses where they hang pictures that hold importance. You could do the same. Moreover, if you do not have a wall like this, you could make one easily. Simply frame all the memories related to your wedding, including the save the dates wedding invites, pictures of the bridal shower, bachelorette night, wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids, the honeymoon, and related stuff. However, make sure the frames you choose complement each other or choose a single, modern frame for every invite.

Why Should You Hang Your Wedding Invites?

Wondering why should you hang your wedding invites? Well, it is because they hold a sentimental value in your life. This day was very important for you and you should save memories. This will result in a great decision for sure!

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