How to get Google News tap : 6 tips to get your site Google News Publisher with old version 2020

Google News is a game changer for SEO news sites because your website can create amazing content, limiting your audience if your articles do not appear on Google News. Google’s News Aggregator manages news from more than 50,000 sources worldwide, and has many advantages, including the ability to drive website traffic into Google Traffic.

However, in order to be included in Google News, content creators must optimize their websites and articles through Google News SEO, which will help publishers become accepted news sources. However, keep in mind that search engine optimization (SEO) is not a news website if it is not actually a news source.

1. Follow Google’s technical guidelines to make sure your site can crawl.

Google News uses an technical guideline to crawl websites. You must have unique, permanent URLs to help the system identify which page articles your site contains. When Google’s crawlers scan a site, it looks for HTML, so you need to use HTML format for all content and links. Avoid using multimedia content, pdfs or javascript that the crawler cannot scan.

2. Make further optimizations to improve your chances of joining.

Like all SEO, you want to make it easy for the bot. Use structured news markup for each article, including information such as headline, dateline, keywords and publication date. Also, do not interrupt the flow of news content with other content such as videos, photo galleries or related articles. The HTML code, which is a continuous block of code from the headline to the end of the article, is most effectively represented by Google News Publisher center.

You can use Site Audit Tool to optimize content and identify any issues with your site. This seo tool  websites on 29 SEO best practices and provides a list of recommended actions to improve your site’s SEO.

For example, in the image above, Alexa’s site audit tool gives this particular website an overall 88/100 rating and gives listed steps to take to improve the site’s SEO performance, giving specific titles to important pages and link-to-find pages.

3. Demonstrate that your site is the official source.

Google News wants visitors to trust the news sources involved, so it is important to be transparent and accountable. News sources should provide easy-to-contact information about the publisher, publisher and the organization or network behind the publication, as well as contact information. News articles should also include clear dates, bylines and author information.

Note that at the bottom of the article, the time of publication and date will appear at the top of the page, as well as the author’s name, the author’s name associated with the author’s bio, as well as his other articles. The “Washington” byline also appears in the middle of the story.

Having an expert collaborator also makes the original content valuable for your site and Google News may approve your website for inclusion.

4. Publish the latest content every day.

Your news site needs to be updated daily with many new articles. Even if your site takes affiliate content from news services such as Associated Press, Reuters or United Press International, it does not rely heavily on wire services. Most content should be unique to your site.

5. Develop a niche.

Google is looking for news resources with special features, so having a special focus on keeping your website separate from others can help. There are many news sites that report general news, so niche sites that provide in-depth reporting on specific topics or industries include index and warrant placements in the top articles. For example, Space.com, which specializes in space and astronomy news, has established itself as a leader in this type of reporting.

6. Create a sitemap.

Once your site is accepted into Google News, create a Google News Sitemap for faster, more efficient indexing of your news items. Sitemaps contain information about the content of your website and Google News Sitemaps allow you to control the content submitted to Google. Even if your website already has a sitemap, Google recommends that you create one specifically for news content. This allows Google’s crawler to quickly find and indexed articles on your site.

Get your company website on Google News tap. You want a company news release or a specific news report about your industry to appear in Google News. Not everything is lost.

One way to do this is to use an approved press release service for Google News. Or, if you do not have the budget for a press release, consider accessing news coverage sites directly related to your industry.

How do you find potential websites?

Register your website to see similar audiences or groups of other websites that contain keywords. Using the district as an example, we can see a lot of possibilities.

Find an already approved publishing partner for Google News

Next, you should visit each site to assess whether they can cover your ad. You want to verify that it is included in Google News. Search Google News; If their content appears in the news section of the search results, they will be accepted. Then look for an editor who writes for your subject and move on to reach him or her.

Even if your information is not captured by Google News, your content will appear in the top articles in Google’s major search results.

Take the first step to get into Google News

If you run a news website and are not yet included in Google News, it’s time to change it. Yes, Google’s guidelines are strict, but you may find that going through the above preparation will improve your site. If you are not yet ready for publisher status, Google News Creator Tools may be an option for you.

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