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how to Program a Universal Remote without codes

how to Program a Universal Remote without codes

A question often comes to the mind that how to Program a Universal Remote without codes. There are many people who are confused about it and couldn’t get it done by the codes so they want to program it without codes. So here is the guide for those people

How to program Universal Control Remote
You would need to verify that the remote has an auto-scan system to program it. You need to have that Universal Remote that allows the searching without the codes. A lot of times the instructions that come with the Universal remote don’t have the instructions about your device brand.

How to Configure Universal Remote Control
Remote is used in daily life. It is easy to configure it. You just b=need to have the correct information and you are good to go. You only need to use three buttons to program your Universal Remote. These buttons include SET, TV1, and POWER.

How to Program Universal Remote without codes
Press and hold the SET button and at the same time press the 0 buttons four times. The remote will search for the right code among the number of codes for the programming. The red light will light up. Press and release the ON button repeatedly until the TV turns OFF. Press the Enter button once the TV turns off to verify if the code is correct or not. Autoscan Method

As mentioned before, you need to have an auto-scan system to find the right code.

Press the SET and TV1 buttons at the same time. The red light will turn on and starts the programming. Make sure to press both the buttons at the same time otherwise it will not work as it is expected to.

Again press the SET button when the light is ON. The red light would start flashing indicating that code searching is started. Now press the Power button until the TV turns Off. All of this procedure should be done with the remote pointing at the device and the device should be continuously switched on. This procedure should be done slowly and steadily.

Once the TV is turned off, press the TV1 button to save the code. The light would flash and turn off. It will indicate that Remote control and TV are successfully programmed. There are some Universal remotes available in the market that have a quick setup option. You can program them with any device you want by just pressing a single button in a matter of seconds. Make sure to check the batteries before setting up that whether they are dead or too low. When your remote control is kept with a low battery or powerless it will automatically be deprogrammed. So you would have to insert new batteries and Reprogram the remote control. If you are looking for a Universal Remote control try to buy the best one. It would be easy to program it without codes.

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