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How to reduce growing pains at home

How to reduce growing pains at home

As parents, nothing worries us more than being unable to help when our child is in pain. Growing pains are often described as a dull aching or throbbing pain in the legs, usually in the front of the thighs, the calves or behind the knees. They affect both the legs at ones and generally manifest at night.  

In earlier times, many believed that growing pains are the result of growth spurts (hence the name of the condition). However, this theory has been disproved as no clear link has been found between the two. Some studies also suggest that growing pains can be because of nutritional deficiencies or in some cases psychological conditions. Even today, there is no clear understanding of what causes this to occur. 

Nevertheless, we do know that this condition causes mild to moderate pain in children below the age of 12. This pain can be severe enough to wake the child from a deep slumber and prevent them from falling back to sleep.  

Dr Ratnav Ratan, the best child doctor in Gurgaon, specialising in pediatric orthopedics gives a few home remedies to help you erase your child’s growing pains.  

  • Massage your child’s legs 

Gently massage the calves, knees and other areas of pain in the leg every night when your child starts complaining of pain. Applying pressure can help relieve pain to a very large extent.  

  • Apply warm compress 

Warm compress will help in soothing sore muscles and relieve muscle pain. You can use electric or water heating pads right before your child goes to sleep or when he/she complains of pain.  

  • Stretching exercises 

In some cases, doing stretching exercises during the day has shown to prevent growing pains from occurring at night. Your pediatrician can help you understand what type of stretching exercises would be best suited for your child. This usually depends on where the growing pains are most intense.  

  • Pain medication 

Do not give any form of pain medication to your child without proper medical advice. Mild painkillers are sometimes given if the pain is too severe and the child is unable to sleep. However, this should not be done without the doctor’s advice.  Routine visits to a good pediatrician is the best way to monitor your child’s growth and development. These visits will also help you in identifying any nutritional or environmental deficiency that your child might have in the very beginning itself. The CK Birla Hospital is considered to be the best hospital in Gurgaon for expert pediatric care. Dr Ratnav Ratan is known for his surgical and medical treatment for a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions including clubfoot, growing pains, congenital and acquired bone deformities etc.

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