If you’re using bamboo sheets, one question that is at the top of your heart is how to wash bamboo sheets. Once you are planning to buy or have even bought your sheets, you should know how to keep them clean and in good shape. Keep reading as this article provides a guide to washing your bamboo sheets.

You’ll stay in bed all day when you use bamboo sheets. Read that again. This is no exaggeration because organic bamboo sheets are really soft and firm. They provide you the comfort you need as you sleep that you’ll even wake up late the following day.

You Need To Take Good Care Of Your Bamboo Sheets

However, in order to ensure you use them for a long time, you should know how to care for them well. The better you take care of them, the more you enjoy them. Anything not well taken care of will soon lose its quality.

Bamboo sheets are strong and durable, even though they’re silky and very soft. You can decide to wash and dry them with machine. But, note there are some cleaning methods and products you should avoid. Let’s take a look at suggestions on how you can wash your bamboo sheets.

How to Clean Your Bamboo Sheets

The following are ways you can wash your bamboo sheets and keep them strong and healthy:

Ensure you use a mild detergent while washing your organic bamboo sheets and even other bedding clothings. Always remember that you don’t have to do much to get your sheets thoroughly cleaned. Little is enough.

Use cold or warm water to wash your bamboo sheets. Desist from using hot water. How hot your water is has nothing to do with how clean your sheets will be. Rather, it affects the sheet fibres.

Can You Use a Stain Removal to Remove Stains?

IIn case the organic bamboo sheets are stained; you can use a chlorine-free stain removal to take away the stains. Do not use harsh stain removals like bleach, fabric softener, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide. These can reduce the quality of the clothing.

In addition, you can use products with a baking soda base but don’t try using vinegar. This can spoil the organic bamboo sheets.

How To Dry Your Bamboo Sheets

You may want to ask, “How do I dry my bamboo sheets after washing?” It is one thing to know how to wash them well, it’s another thing to know how to dry them properly without causing any damage to the fabric.

While air-drying is a very good method to dry your organic bamboo sheets, this method may take a long time. Instead, you can use a dryer to get your sheets dry. You should dry on a delicate cycle on a low tumble dry. Make sure you remove the sheets as fast as you can to prevent wrinkles from setting in.

Can You Iron Your Bamboo Sheets?

Yes, you can. In cases where wrinkles set in, you can iron them lightly. When you iron, make sure your iron is put on the lowest setting. If you don’t have a very bad wrinkle, then don’t use steam.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, washing your organic bamboo sheets doesn’t have to be strenous. You must always remember that little is much. Just wash with a mild detergent and dry them well and you’re good to go. You can then enjoy your bamboo sheets for a long time, while enjoying blissful nights too.

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