How To Upgrade Your Classic Car With New Tech On A Budget

How To Upgrade Your Classic Car With New Tech On A Budget

Other than your home or at the office, you spend most of your time in the car. It may be a simple or an old model car, but you can upgrade it to match the modern trends. Tag along and find out the best tech accessories to get for your classic car and how it enhances the user experience. The whole exercise can be affordable if you know what you want and how to get it.


It is an essential feature on any classic car as it makes driving fun. You can use it to receive and make calls and on the music system. It limits mobile phone distractions, which boost your concentration on the road. You can buy a Bluetooth plug-in unit and synchronize it with your mobile phone and sound system.

Of all-important tech add-ons to a car, Bluetooth is the most affordable yet essential. It is simple, easy to install and upgrades your classic car. It also puts you on the right side of the law in most countries in the world.


No one is a perfect driver. We need extra eyes to cover all angles and blind sports. Cameras on a car have become essential as they help us drive and record occurrences around the vehicle. There are 3 cameras you can install on your classic car.

  1. Dashcam – it records occurrences on the windscreen. It helps you control the car and might come in handy in case of an accident or wrongful arrest.
  2. Owl cam – it gives you a view of the surrounding, especially inside and on the car roof.
  3. Rear Camera – it helps you reverse and park the car, especially in small spaces.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Phones are becoming irreplaceable gadgets in our lives, yet classic cars have no room for them. To fully concentrate on the road, a driver needs the following phone accessories:-

  • Phone chargers – there is a port for charging, but it might not be configured to accept phone charging. There is a wireless phone charger that you can install for faster charging.
  • Phone dock – drivers need a holder for their phone, especially on the centre console or windscreen. It holds the phone in a vantage position so that the driver can see it while driving.

Music System

Most cars have a music system. However, you can upgrade it to optimum levels, making driving enjoyable. classic Italian cars are known the world over for their vintage style. If you enhance its sound system and pimp it up, the end product is breath-taking and fun to drive around. You can also connect it to the Bluetooth system and use the car speakers when making or receiving calls.
Some of the music system accessories include

  1. Amplifiers – boosting the music quality and sound.
  2. Speakers – especially the big ones at the back seat or in the rear boot.
  3. Infotainment system – act as the car stereo system, navigation unit and central display.

Customized Massage Seats

Sitting for long in the car can strain your back, especially driving over long distances. The seat massage soothes the back muscles and makes driving enjoyable. If you get a seat that can heat as well, the better the deal. It makes driving in the winter much comfortable and worthwhile. The driver should concentrate throughout the driving period, and with such customized seats, the experience is phenomenal.

Since classic cars do not have such a chair, you can get an after-sale heated massage chair from £30. It easily fits into the car electric system and has a central control unit to regulate, power and adjust the heating and massaging.

Why Upgrade a Classic Car?

Driving is becoming a more demanding activity, making it necessary to have accessories that enhance the experience. Technology makes the whole exercise easier. Since classic cars have the basic automobile engineering, tech add-ons make navigation easier.

Every car must have phone accessories since a mobile phone is essential to the driver. Phones act as clocks, means of communication, navigation tools and sometimes music stereos. If you are a music fan, consider installing a good music system to make driving fun.

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