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If You Want To Find a Solution To a More Exciting Formula

If You Want To Find a Solution To a More Exciting Formula

If you want to find a solution to a more exciting Formula One title, you have to get tired. The second Formula One season may be hard to find. What is the end of the drama in Abu Dhabi today! There was also controversy over the provision of additional supplies. In the end, Lewis Hamilton, who is running for the eighth Formula One title, broke the record.

Max Verstappen, the Dutch racer from the Red Bull, won his first Formula One title of his career, beating Hamilton, who was far ahead at one point, in the last lap of the drama.

If the title had been won, Hamilton would have set a new record by surpassing the record of 6 titles of the legendary German racer Michael Schumacher. But that’s not the point at the last-minute ‘Safety Car’ debate and the incredible skill of Verstappen and his ‘Pet Crew’ in taking advantage of it.

Hamilton, the Mercedes racer who won the Saudi Grand Prix last Sunday, came on par with Verstappen as a point in the season. The last fight of the season is so thrilling that many European media have dubbed it the ‘Messi-Ronaldo duo of Formula One’, along with the duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in football. The end of it may surprise Messi-Ronaldo too.

In the final of 56 laps, after 36 laps, Hamilton was ahead by 17 seconds. Verstappen was 12 seconds behind before the start of the last ten laps. But on the 55th lap, the accident happened, racer Nicholas Lafiti’s car hit the side of the road. Hamilton was in front of Lafiti’s car at the time.

But due to the accident in Lafiti, the ‘safety car’ was brought according to the rules. As a rule, Hamilton slowed down. Other vehicles, including the Verstapen behind the safety car, were not allowed in front of the safety car.

If not the race, then Hamilton won the eighth title. But it was known that the race would be an advantage for Verstappen. The faint hope of catching Hamilton was a little stronger then!

Meanwhile, in the drama of safety car, Verstappen took ‘soft tire’ instead of tire. The hint is clear, he will jump in with his faint hope when the race starts again. That’s what started the race.

The controversy escalated when the safety car drama ended, with the cars in the back being allowed to pass the safety car. But Hamilton’s lead has narrowed by then. In the end, Verstappen went to the very last lap and left Hamilton behind. Verstappen’s epic victory at the end of a controversial chapter in the final of one of the most exciting seasons in history.

‘Incredible! I kept fighting, then what happened in the last lap was crazy. In the end, luck was on my side. ‘ But despite the controversy, the incredibly cool Hamilton said, “First of all, congratulations to Max and his team. We have had great races this year. (Today) I did not give up even for a moment, that is the most important thing. ‘

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