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If Your Company is Scaling To The Enterprise Level

If Your Company is Scaling To The Enterprise Level

If your company is scaling to the enterprise level, your online security is one of the most critical business considerations to keep in mind. Managing an extensive network of websites for your enterprise can be challenging without a strong IT team to support your scalability and network security as your business grows. Scaling To The Enterprise Level With managed dedicated server hosting, you can put your site security in the hands of IT professionals who service global enterprise servers that are fully capable of supporting your growing franchise. Here are a few benefits of dedicated hosting and how it can protect your enterprise.

Individualized Security

Dedicated server hosting is essential for keeping your data safe and secured online. When operating an enterprise, your data should remain secure and be easily accessible when you need it and restricted for greater internal protection. A dedicated server is used only for a single client, meaning you won’t have to share your server space with other companies, potentially impacting your processing speed and security. This allows server managers to implement additional security measures to meet your enterprise’s specific needs. Intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems can be implemented in a dedicated server environment, as well as hardware firewalls which can seriously mitigate the risks involved in storing data online.

Prevent Outages and Loss of Data

Some enterprises, such as hotel franchises, require 24/7 processing power and reliable site speed and security to remain operational. If your server fails at any point, it could lead to a severe loss of business. With Liquid Web dedicated server hosting, you get a “fully customized dedicated server hosting with real-time monitoring and a 100% power and network uptime guarantee.” This is ensured through automatic failover procedures, and a wide array of globally-located enterprise-level servers prepared to support your enterprise entirely from anywhere in the world. With automatic failover, a secondary server constantly replicates the first if your initial server crashes.

Further, dedicated hosting allows for multiple servers to be located in different data centers, providing maximum security against unplanned outages. Loss of customer and company data is a severe breach of security and could lead to significant decreases in business. Always opt for a higher level of protection, especially if you intend to significantly scale your consumer base and handle more substantial amounts of data.

24/7 Services

One of the best perks of utilizing dedicated server hosting is your access to the IT professionals at Liquid Web. Their team of pros will not only help you easily migrate your network to a dedicated server but will offer 24/7 online support and site monitoring. Hence, your websites will always be up and running optimally. The Liquid Web team conducts risk mitigation and performance optimization, so your site continuously operates at top speed and remains secure. These services are an integral aspect of dedicated hosting because these technical professionals can take away all of the stress and complexities involved with building and maintaining a highly-trafficked and user-friendly series of websites.

Your online security should be the top priority for any enterprise expanding and storing more significant amounts of data. The security of your websites is essential for maintaining successful business operations and scaling your company. Dedicated server hosting may be the perfect solution to your security needs.

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