Ifat is NBR member Matiur’s son

Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat

Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat, recently trending on social media nicknamed ‘Goat Ifat’ for buying an Eid sacrificial goat at a cost of Taka 12 lakh. He is the son of Dr Md Matiur Rahman, president of the NBR’s Customs, Excise, and VAT Appellate Tribunal.

Nizam Uddin Hazari, the Member of Parliament for the Feni-2 constituency, confirmed the information to the media.

He said that Ifat’s mother Shammi Akhtar Shiuli is Matiur Rahman’s second wife. He has three children with his second wife Shammi Akhtar. NBR’s Matiur Rahman’s first wife is Laila Kaniz. From this marriage, they have a daughter and a son.

Meanwhile, the most popular Digital Creator Saiyed Abdullah shared his thoughts in this regard. “Yesterday, I provided photographic evidence proving that Ifat is the child from Matiur Rahman’s second marriage. Today, I am presenting even more concrete evidence. After this, there should be no doubt that Matiur Rahman is a genuine liar,” he said on his Facebook Page.

In the third photo, you can see Matiur Rahman, whom Ifat addressed and wish as ‘Baba’. This photo was taken a few days ago. In that photo, the person seen with Matiur Rahman is Iftima, who studied at Viqarunnisa Noon School and College.

In the fourth photo, you can see a lady with Ifat. Her name is Shammi Akhtar Shibli. This Shammi Akhtar is Matiur’s second wife. With this wife, Matiur has Ifat, Iftima, and one more child.

The mentioned photos 3 and 4, which I posted yesterday, proved that Matiur Rahman lied in his interview with NTV. Despite being a father, he performed theatrics in front of the media and denied his own child.

The first photo is of Iftima Rahman Madhubi’s National ID card. Take a good look at the names listed as her father and mother on that ID card, he added.

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