Image Background Removal Service is Not What it Used to Be

Gone are the days of manual labor. Now a days, a computer drives, or should I say fly, a plane or a car. Warfare is remotely controlled. Robots are being used in the restaurants as replacements for servers. Image background removal service saw a gradual shift towards online app-based services. 

Why the Shift Towards Automated Method?

Reason for the background removal services shifting towards automated method is multi-fold. Anything manual means it is time consuming. Since time is money, manual job cost more than automated methods in most cases. What takes an app to do few seconds on the fly, it would take a skilled photoshop operator good half an hour or so to do. Since employees are paid by the hour, a single image background removal can end up costing quite a bit.

Another reason is the advancements in technology. Creative minds are always looking to innovate new technologies. If there is a market for something, there will be a new innovation surrounding it. With the mass use of digital photography for both personal and commercial purposes, image background removal is a very demanding service. It was only a matter of time someone came up with the idea of innovating a tool to do the job on the fly. 

Who cannot Use App Based Background Removal Service?

While there are wide range of apps out there and some are gaining popularity to some, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  production houses, eCommerce studios or brand owners, branding agencies, in other words – professional people that use product or model images for commercial purposes cannot use such services. 

Why not? In the world of extreme competition and demand for the highest standards, only top-notch work will survive. Rest are doomed for failure. App based auto background removal therefore no space in the eCommerce world. Product photo editing service therefore, must meet the high standards of advertising photography and print publication. If a photo editor passes an app based edited photo to the production manager, the photo editor just got him or herself a field day with his superior. Worst case scenario, that photo editor will be looking for a job elsewhere. 

Why eCommerce Photography Cannot be Edited with Apps?

Apps got very sophisticated over time and now a days, they do a pretty good job in removing the background. However, there is always a limitation. When NATO fired two missiles on a civilian train in Kosovo and killed innocent people on the train by mistake, US General’s response to that incident was, “no technology is ever going to be perfect.” Great! Innocent people get killed and it is the technology to blame. 

While it is not the similar comparison, idea is that no technology will ever be able to replace manual job with 100% efficiency. When demand for product photo editing is very high, only manual job done by skilled professionals will cut it. 

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