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In all foods that are good for health and mind

In all foods that are good for health and mind

There is a deep connection between food and health. Food plays an important role both physically and mentally. The health of our health depends on the food we eat throughout the day. That is what the experts are saying.

So let’s find out which foods help us to have a good mind or which foods make us feel good-

Dark Chocolate: Having a lot of tryptophan, it helps our brain make serotonin. And this serotonin helps us to keep our mood right.

Green Tea: Green tea helps to keep the brain active. It contains a lot of antioxidants. As well as improving memory, it also keeps the mind well by keeping the brain calm.

Omega 3 rich foods: Salmon, nuts, etc. are rich in omega three ingredients. This ingredient is very useful in reducing the risk of heart disease as well as weight loss.

Capsicum: Nan color capsicum is easily available in the market. Experts say that if capsicum is included in the regular food list, the beneficial ingredients in it help to keep the brain active as well as keep the mind well. So use different colors of capsicum in food.

Green leafy vegetables: Experts suggest keeping spinach and fenugreek in the daily food list to keep the mind well.

Almonds: Almonds are delicious and healthy to eat. Nuts packed with vitamins, proteins and minerals help to reduce fatigue and keep the mind well.
There is no end to people’s worries about being overweight. In addition, many people exercise to control their weight to stay fit.

Even after doing so much, when the excess fat is not reduced, Ayurveda has become difficult and easy. And according to Ayurveda, if we follow the eight rules, we don’t have to worry about losing weight anymore. The most interesting thing is that we do not have to follow any bizarre diet or sit on our stomachs to follow these rules.
A kind of toxin or toxin is produced in the body for eating and contamination Which is one of the reasons for weight gain. Drinking hot water instead of cold removes this toxin from the body.

Sleep is ideal from 10 pm to 8 am. At least Ayurveda says so. If you do not sleep according to the needs of the body, physical and mental problems can occur.

The food should be light at night
Playing light at night makes it easier for the body to digest and the body’s normal detoxification process goes well. Ayurveda says to finish dinner before 6 pm. The food is digested quickly.

Must be eaten three times a day
The process of digesting food that the body completes requires the rest of the body. So playing too much makes the body sick. This process is done smoothly by playing three times a day and not playing anything else in the middle.

You have to walk after eating
Why only Ayurveda, as any scripture says, is very important to be physically able. If it is not possible to go to the gym or exercise, then walking 10 to 20 minutes after each meal will make the food easier to digest.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be eaten

Ayurveda has instructed to eat the fruits or vegetables that are available in that season. Because summer fruits and vegetables keep the body cool and winter fruits, vegetables and nuts keep the body warm.

Six different flavors of food

Ayurveda divides food into six parts. Such as sweet, sour, spicy, spicy, salty and tart. These six flavors must be present during the meal. Too much salt or sugar is not good for the body.

Herbal ingredients should be added to food
Turmeric, ginger, horse odor, gooseberry, triphala and cinnamon are in the diet to lose weight quickly.

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