In Corona, women die four times more than men in 24 hours

The epidemic coronavirus has killed 14 more people in the country in the last 24 hours. The total number of deaths in Corona so far stands at 26,006. The number of women among the new deaths is about 4 times higher than the number of men. In these 24 hours, 11 women have died in Corona. On the other hand, 3 men died.

This information was given in the press release of the Department of Health on Sunday (October 10) afternoon.

According to the statistics given in the notification, a total of 9,940 women have died since the outbreak of the epidemic corona in the country. On the other hand, 18 thousand 748 men died.

In the last 24 hours, a maximum of 6 people between the ages of 61 and 60 have died. Meanwhile, a maximum of 6 people have died in Dhaka division in the last 24 hours. So far 12,006 people have died in Dhaka division. Then there is Chittagong division. So far 5,620 people have died in this department.

Meanwhile, new corona has been identified in the bodies of 461 more people in the country. The total number of corona victims stood at 15 lakh 72 thousand 359 people.

In the last 24 hours, samples have been tested on 20,355 people. The detection rate in the sample test is 2.38 percent. Another 899 people recovered in 24 hours. A total of 15 lakh 23 thousand 733 healthy people.

Earlier on Saturday (October 9), 20 more people died in Corona across the country. Besides, corona has been identified in the bodies of 415 more people.

Meanwhile, according to WorldOmiter, a website that maintains global corona statistics, the number of deaths and identities in the world has slightly decreased in the previous 24 hours till 8 am on Sunday (October 10) Bangladesh time. At this time 5 thousand 506 people died, 3 lakh 46 thousand 547 people were identified.

Earlier, 8,046 people had died in the previous 24 hours till 8 am on Saturday (October 9) and 4,40,020 people had been identified.

So far, a total of 46 lakh 82 thousand 608 people have died in Corona and 23 crore 63 lakh 49 thousand 612 people have been affected. Of these, 21 crore 54 lakh 80 thousand 945 people have returned home after recovering.

The United States, the world’s most powerful country, has so far had the highest number of infections and deaths from corona. At the top of the list, 4 crore 51 lakh 89 thousand 209 people have been infected with corona so far. 6 lakh 33 thousand 57 people have died.

In India, which is the second most affected and the third deadliest country, 3 crore 39 lakh 52 thousand 256 people have been infected with corona so far. 4 lakh 50 thousand 621 people have died.

Brazil, which is the third most affected and the second deadliest country in the world, has so far infected 2 crore 15 lakh 8 thousand 181 people and 6 lakh 70 people have died so far.

In the United Kingdom, which is in the fourth place in terms of infection, 61 lakh 20 thousand 613 people have been infected with corona so far. Of these, one lakh 36 thousand 698 people died.

Russia, which is in the fifth place, has so far affected 6 lakh 46 thousand 617 people. 2 lakh 15 thousand 453 people died.

Turkey is sixth, France seventh, Iran eighth, Argentina ninth and Spain tenth. Bangladesh ranks 29th in this list.

In the last week of December 2019, coronavirus infection started from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. So far, Covid-19 has spread to 223 countries and regions of the world including Bangladesh.

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