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In Sylhet, in a waterlogged area, the rent of a van has gone up from Tk 50 to Tk 1,000

Flood waters are increasing in cities, suburbs and villages of different Upazilas. New areas are being flooded every day. People are fleeing their homes in search of safe shelter. In the meanwhile, rickshaws and vans have become the main means of transportation in the affected areas.

In areas where the maximum fare was 50 rupees in the dry season, the drivers are demanding up to one thousand rupees to go that distance. Residents also said that more rent is being demanded for the boat.

Passengers traveling in the Shahjalal suburban area said the van drivers were demanding a fare of Rs 1,000 for the two on a one-kilometer road. Rickshaws are a little less.

Rickshaw drivers demand Rs 200 to Rs 500. However, due to the flood waters, the passengers used to come and go more and more in the van. Realizing this opportunity, the van drivers are demanding more money. However, there are exceptions in some cases. Some van drivers themselves do not claim rent. They told the passengers to give whatever they wanted.

On the spot, this morning, five vans were seen standing at the corner of Shahjalal suburb. At this time, the passengers were seen arguing with the van drivers.

From time to time, several vans and rickshaws were seen coming out of the main road from inside. Passengers were seen sitting on rickshaw seats in heavy rain. Another passenger was seen sitting in a plastic basket on the van.

A passenger named Sajjad Hossain said, ‘As there is a house on the ground floor, waist-deep water has risen in the house. I put the goods on the couch with great difficulty.

As the water level rose further around 8 am on Saturday, I am trying to return home by taking my wife and children to my relatives ‘house.’ He said, ‘Three people came in the van in the morning from J-block of Shahjalal suburb on the main road.

There were two bags with. I put my wife and child in the plastic wrap of the van and pushed the van a long way. The van driver had to pay one thousand rupees for crossing the road for about one kilometer.

Siraj Mia, who was standing at the corner of the suburb with the van, said, ‘I have water in my own house too.

I got down in the rain and flood water because of my stomach. If it was not for such a situation, I would not have brought a van in this water. ‘ He demanded, ‘I ask the passengers to raise some money. However, it is not an exaggerated stage.

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