Interesting Outdoor Activities to Celebrate a Teenage Boy’s Birthday

Teenage Boy’s Birthday

If you are about to have your child’s birthday in your family and you live at a place that is having lovely weather most of the time, then planning an outdoor birthday party will sound great! So there is no shortage of ideas when you are thinking about arranging an outdoor birthday party for your teenage boy. Therefore, these six interesting outdoor birthday ideas can undoubtedly inspire you that we have brought especially for you!

Scavenger Hunt

Now is the right time to bring back the scavenger hunt that you had done for your kids when they were younger. Hence, this time try to get the boundaries larger when you are planning the party for a teenager. Divide the guests into two teams and ask them to decorate the t-shirts. Ensure that you are having a sufficient amount of sharpies and fabric markers. There afterward, deliver the list of clues and allow your kids to use their mobile phones for taking pictures of the items that are available in the list and ask them to meet you after an hour or more. You can also add up some silly acts which kids usually like singing their favorite childhood song. A scavenger hunt can prove to be ideal for a coed party as well.

Slime Party

If your child is still a massive fan of slime, then you can dedicate his birthday to this slippery substance. A wide variety of dirt can also be created on this special day. Besides, edible slime can also be used, and your child will love it for sure!

How about a field trip?

If we are discussing outdoor activities, then what would be better than a field trip that can double the joy of your teenage child on his birthday? So without wasting much time, take your child to a beach or a trampoline gym and ask his friends to join as well. In this way, your child can enjoy with his companions and can also praise your efforts for bringing him to his favorite place on his big day!

Comedy Clubs

There a large number of comedy clubs that allow children of all ages to visit them and enjoy stand-up comedy. Humour and entertainment can make any birthday even more unique, so it would be a fun night for your teen if you take him there on his birthday.

Archaeological Party         

Those kids who are intrigued by the thrill of hunting can enjoy an archaeological party. You can bury artifacts in any sandbox and ask your child to find them at the beach. For adding some extra touch of fun, you can give them riddles that can lead them towards the items which are buried. Though you also need to arrange a prize for the winner!

Kite Party

Kites are relatively inexpensive so you can host a party with your child and his friends at a park where you will provide the kites to everybody, and they will try to keep their kites at the highest level.

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