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Internet Explorer’s ‘grave’

Website viewing software (browser) Internet Explorer has come a long way in 26 years.

Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer since June 15. The once popular browser has a large fan base.

Kyung Jung, an engineer from South Korea, is one such person. He built a tomb for Internet Explorer. According to the New York Post, pictures of Kyung’s tomb of Internet Explorer have already spread widely on social media.

The tomb was built by engineer Kyung on the roof of a cafe in Jeongju, South Korea. It features the Internet Explorer logo ‘E’ on the tombstone. He has spent 330 US dollars behind it.

He also wrote a message of love for Internet Explorer. The tombstone reads, “It was a pretty good way to download other browsers.”

However, many people agree with Jung’s message. Because, for the past several years, many people have been using Internet Explorer to download Chrome or other high-speed browsers.

When asked by news agency Reuters Kyung about his passion for Explorer, he spoke of his mixed feelings about the browser. “It simply came to our notice then. Because, in an era, there was no alternative to Explorer.

Google Chrome and Safari browser are currently in vogue. Many people are saying goodbye to the old browser by grabbing the memory card. Internet Explorer debuted in the world market in 1995.

The history of the Internet world says that within a year of its launch, the browser became the most popular search engine.

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