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Investing a Lot Of Time And Money In Your Marketing Campaigns

Investing a Lot Of Time And Money In Your Marketing Campaigns

As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely been investing a lot of time and money in your marketing campaigns. You’re likely worried about whether your marketing efforts are paying off. You have to keep your eye on certain content marketing metrics to track your progress. But with so many content marketing metrics available, the average entrepreneur doesn’t know which ones to focus on.

This quick guide will show you which content marketing metrics you need to focus on as a small business owner. Here’s what you need to know. Keep an Eye on Your Killer Content Complete content marketing is crucial for any innovative marketing campaign. You want to make sure that you create killer content to promote your brand and establish yourself in your niche. This includes blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, etc. You should track the following from your content:

How many views your content receives
How many referrals to your website/other links come from your content
“Like” to “Dislike” ratio for video content
Reading reviews, comments, etc.

Your content is going to remain one of the biggest aspects of your marketing efforts. Make sure you work on creating killer content that’ll draw more visitors to your brand.

Social Sharing
The next analytic should be to check on how often your brand gets promoted through social sharing. For example, do you know how often your blog posts are shared on Facebook? Are Twitter feeds full of your YouTube videos? You want to create a widget on your website for users to share your content via social media. Use an analytics tool to keep track of where your content gets shared. You want to find a way to dominate as many social media platforms as possible. If you’re killing it on Facebook, but being ignored on TikTok then you have to find a way to penetrate the latter.

Customer Retention The final metric is to look at your customer retention rate. You want to make sure that your customers aren’t one-off. For example, you might have a customer who buys a copy of your eBook. But you also want to make sure this same customer buys the sequel or second edition to the eBook. If you have a low customer retention rate you’ll soon see a decline in your overall customer base. This is a huge struggle for every small business owner.

Make sure you reach out to customers and try to develop a relationship with them. You want to make sure they develop loyalty toward your brand. Follow These Content Marketing Metrics
Now you know the most important content marketing metrics to follow to grow your brand. You’ll need to create killer content as part of your marketing efforts. Make sure users are finding your brand through your content. You also want to work on getting as many hits as possible. It’s also imperative to keep an eye on your social sharing. Make sure you also work on building relationships to increase customer retention.

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