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Is Beef Jerky Healthy? What You Need To Know

Is Beef Jerky Healthy? What You Need To Know

Beef jerky is an immensely well-loved and popular snack, great for both health enthusiasts and canned meat lovers. One of the most stocked up items, it is a common scene to see people buying bulk beef jerky across all the supermarkets in America.

However, since beef jerky is considered to be a healthy snack despite being a processed food, many have questions regarding the benefits of this snack.

If you are considering beef jerky as a part of your diet routine, this article can help you determine whether it is a good idea. We will walk you through the nutritious value of jerky, its benefits, and highlight some of the downsides of this snack.

Nutritious Value Of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is generally known as a nutritious and healthy snack. This is because in some 28 gms or one ounce of beef jerky, you can find the following nutrients:


Protein9.4 gms
Fat7.3 gms
Carbs3.1 gms
Fiber 0.5 gms
Zinc 21% of DV (Daily Value)
Vitamin B12 12% of DV 
Phosphorus9% of DV
Folate9% of DV
Iron8% of DV
Copper7% of DV
Choline6% of DV
Selenium 5% of DV
Potassium4% of DV
Thiamine4%of DV
Magnesium 3% of DV
Riboflavin3% of DV
Niacin 3% of DV 


Thus, we can see that beef jerky does contain many nutrients like iron, zinc, Vitamin B12, and others that are great for boosting energy as well as improving our immunity system. It is also low on carbs and high on protein, making it the perfect healthy snack. People looking to include a tasty yet nutritious snack can definitely include beef jerky in their diet.

Now that we know the nutritious benefits of beef jerky, let us take a look at the other benefits of this healthy snack.

Benefits Of Beef Jerky

  • Beef jerky is portable and has a great shelf life. Thus if you are looking to buy bulk beef jerky and store them in your home for a long time, you can do so. You can also carry a little around with you for travel or other situations.
  • Beef jerky is high on protein and low on carbs. Thus if you are looking for a great protein snack after your workout, you can consume beef jerky.
  • It is also high in nutrients which helps in weight loss. So people who are looking for a healthy snack can easily include beef jerky as a part of their diet plan.
  • Due to its portability and high nutritional value, it can make a great school snack for your children as well. They would love to have tasty meat snacks as a part of their school lunch.
  • Beef jerky is incredibly tasty. Not only is it lean red meat, but it also gets treated with salt, spices, and sauces to make it juicy, crispy, and delicious.
  • The best part about beef jerky is that there is no additional hassle for preparation. You can take it straight out of a packet and consume it like a potato chip and avoid any mess.

While beef jerky has many benefits, choosing a good beef jerky is key to getting those benefits.

Choosing The Right Beef Jerky

Choosing the right beef jerky is extremely important. This is because while it is a healthy snack, many brands might include excess salt, MSG, or artificial ingredients in their jerky. These are the things one should keep in mind while looking for good beef jerky –

  • No MSG, artificial, or synthetic substances in the jerky
  • Less than 450 mg of sodium in every serving
  • Good, organic source of beef for the jerky
  • Less than 5 gm of sugar per serving


While beef jerky is a great tasty snack, it does come with a set of disadvantages.

Downside Of Beef Jerky

  • A big downside of consuming beef jerky is that it is high in sodium. Just 28 gms of beef jerky contains 22% of allowable daily sodium of 2,300 mg a day. Excessive consumption of beef jerky will lead to excessive sodium intake and, in turn, can produce a risk of stroke, increased blood pressure, and heart problems.
  • Beef jerky is processed food. No matter how tasty it is, it contains preservatives that pose a high risk for gastrointestinal cancer.
  • Beef jerky can also be contaminated with mycotoxins which are harmful to our health.

All these disadvantages come with excessive consumption of beef jerky. If one consumes a moderate amount, it does not pose any threat to their overall health.


Thus we can see that even though beef jerky is considered a healthy snack, it does come with some disadvantages. But these disadvantages only occur if you end up consuming bulk beef jerky at a time. We hope this article helps you understand the benefits and drawbacks of a beef jerk before including it as a healthy snack in your diet.

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