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Justice Ziaul Hasan told Prime Minister Imran Khan

Meanwhile, due to the recent protests, Imran’s government sat down for talks with the TTP. Last Monday, the information minister announced that he would reach a “complete ceasefire” with the banned group.

The incident took place around noon on Wednesday.

Two hours later, Imran reached the court.

“We have the sixth largest army in the world,” he said.

Justice Kazi Mohammad Amin Ahmed then asked Prime Minister Imran Khan, “Are we going to surrender once again?”

Throughout the hearing, the three-member bench harassed Imran Khan with one question after another. At one stage, But the judges did not give that opportunity and kept asking Imran Khan one question after another.

At one point, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed told Imran Khan, “You are in power. The government is yours too. What did you do You have brought the culprits to the negotiating table. ‘

Taking the constitution in hand, the chief justice said it guaranteed security to every citizen of the country.

People went through a deep mental illness. They are in favor of the army’s war on terror. ”

Imran Khan further said that Pakistan has to fight security issues till the situation in Afghanistan returns to normal. At one point the members of these groups went into hiding.

Prime Minister Imran Khan told the court that the terrorist attack on the Army School was very painful. We called a meeting of our party on the night of the tragic incident. ”

Imran Khan said, “I want to make it clear that we have done what we can to compensate.”

However, Attorney General Khalid Jawad Khan requested the court to grant extra time. The court granted his request and extended the time limit for submission of report to four weeks.

For the first time since the coup in Myanmar, junta forces have clashed with rebels in the Rakhine state. The United Nations Security Council has expressed deep concern over the escalation of violence in Myanmar.

The military coup in Myanmar last February caused instability in the country. Democrats took up arms against the military government. They have formed a resistance force called ‘Self Defense Forces’. The junta government has started atrocities to deal with them. Minorities and various rebel groups have been fighting alongside Myanmar’s government forces since then. The junta government has also chosen the path of atrocities in the fight against them.

After the coup, the junta government reiterated its commitment to a ceasefire with the Rakhine rebel group Arakan Army. The Arakan Army has been waging a bloody war with government forces for a long time, demanding autonomy in Rakhine.

The clashes erupted when members of the Myanmar army entered the area.

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. Civilians are the most affected by the clashes between the army and the Arakan Army.

The Rakhine state is home to the minority Rohingya and the predominantly Buddhist Rakhine ethnic group. The state has been in turmoil for decades. In order to save their lives, 640,000 Rohingyas came to Bangladesh and took shelter. UN investigators have called the crackdown on the Rohingya a genocide.

In the meantime, the military coup in Myanmar has multiplied the instability in the country. At the same time, the resistance of anti-military groups against the junta has intensified across Myanmar. This led to massive loss of life.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council issued a statement on Wednesday expressing deep concern over the escalating conflict in Myanmar.

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