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Keep Your Garage Organized

Keep Your Garage Organized

More than a home for your vehicles, the garage is the one place in your home where you usually keep some of your stuff for a long time. From tools to last season decor, this is the place where it can get tricky to organize. Admit it or not, this is the dumping ground for the stuff you can’t let go of. And when this happens, oftentimes, you forget that you even placed it in your garage in the first place. To address this, you need a few smart storage solutions to categorize all your things. Here are some of the things that you should have in your garage.

Bike Storage
The first thing to do before you start organizing and decluttering is to start with your big stuff. In this case, if you have a bike. To be honest, bikes are a little harder to store. Luckily, there are several garage bike storage that you can choose from. If you want to save some floor space, then go for vertical and wall-mounted ones. For more flair, you can check out the 2004 Cycle Products Bike Hoist. This overhead storage can carry bikes that are up to 100 lbs! For your electric, cyclocross, high road, and mountain bikes, the Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand is your best pick. If you need to store more than one bike, then get the StoreYourBoard 5 Bike Garage Rack. This is a great universal cycling rack that can store up to 5 bikes.

Add A Storage Cabinet
Adding a cabinet in your space is still a more practical way of storing your tools and other things. You can customize it or DIY it. Make sure to take into account the things that you are going to store in the cabinet. People take advantage of the ample amount of storage space to safely keep those bulkier items. Floating wall cabinets are also a great pick if you want to save some floor space. You can check out the Prepac Elite Wall Cabinet, which is great storage for your tools and miscellaneous accessories.

Overhead Storage Rack
This is a new take on storing your items. This rack can triple your garage’s storage capacity, plus it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. The FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack can safely and conveniently have several boxes and tools for you. The best thing about this smart solution is that you don’t need to have power tools to install it on your ceiling.

Tool Rack
How do you store your brooms and rakes? If you are the type of person who lets this stuff lean against the wall, then a hanging rack can up your storage game. A wooden hanging rack can add organization to your garage. Aside from brooms and rakes, you can hang your tools and umbrella. Another rack that you can check out is the Rubbermaid Deluxe Tower Tool. Aside from effectively storing your stuff vertically, you can drag the storage around because it has wheels.

Corner shelves
Most of the space, the space in the middle is the most used. One particular area in your garage that you can optimize is the corner space. And to do so, all you need is to add a corner shelf. The Rubbermaid 5A47 30 Tool Corner Tool Rack can give the corners of your garage a more stylish look. You can use it to store your tools, cans, and paints. There are also wall-mounted ones if that is the aesthetic that you are going for.

Magnetic Tool Holder
Are your metal tools always wind up missing? Then have a dedicated space for them. This is an interesting take on the traditional toolbox. A magnetic toolbox is also great so you don’t lose the little things, such as screws and nails. Plus, this hack is easy to DIY and will not cost you a lot of money.

Sports Gear Rack
Are you tired of tripping over a skateboard or a ball whenever you try to navigate your way around your garage? Instead of stacking them on the corner, collate all your sports gear and have a special rack for them. The Mythinglogic Garage Storage System gives you ample space for several balls, rackets, bats, helmets, and jackets. Plus, it’s great to know that all hobby-related stuff is just in one place.

Keep Everything In One Place!
So there you have it! Out of all places in your home, the garage needs to have the Knitty-gritty when it comes to storage. More than storing your bulky things, your garage is the home to some stuff you don’t often use or seasonal things. When you get the time to organize your garage, make sure to take note of these storage ideas. For more smart solutions, you can also check out!

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