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Kerry welcomed Xi Jinping’s announcement

Kerry welcomed Xi Jinping’s announcement

The world is facing a big crisis with climate. World leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to overcoming this crisis. In a speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden outlined their plans for the climate crisis. Xi Jinping says his country will no longer set up coal-fired power plants abroad. Joe Biden says the United States wants to double its climate change assistance to developing countries.

According to the news agency Reuters, the steps taken by rich countries to prevent climate change have been questioned at various times. Xi Jinping then made a new commitment to reduce carbon emissions at the current UN session.

According to the BBC, physical infrastructure is being built in various countries under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) initiated by China. These include roads, ports and coal-fired power plants. But China is under pressure to reduce its carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. China is being pressured to cut off funding for coal-fired power plants. Because China emits the most greenhouse gases. In addition, the country is much more dependent on coal-fired power plants to meet electricity demand.

Xi Jinping said China would provide financial assistance to developing countries to build renewable energy and low-carbon power plants. His country will not finance the construction of coal-fired power plants in any country other than China.  Earlier this year, South Korea and Japan announced similar measures. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and US climate diplomat John Kerry have called on China to follow in the footsteps of the two Asian countries. Expressing his peaceful intention to maintain international relations, Xi Jinping said in his video message that China would increase support for other developing countries in green and low-carbon energy production.

Kerry welcomed Xi Jinping’s announcement. He described it as a major contribution and a good start to the effort needed ahead of the COP-26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

“We’ve been talking to China for a long time,” Kerry said. President Sir’s decision is very good news. ” COP-27 chief Alok Sharma applauded the announcement.

Xi Jinping spoke after US President Joe Biden addressed the UN General Assembly. President Joe Biden has said the United States does not want a “new Cold War.”

On September 21, Joe Biden addressed the UN General Assembly for the first time as US President. That’s where he said these things. Joe Biden said the United States wants to double its climate change assistance to developing countries. He said he would work with the Congress for this. Biden added: “Last April, I announced that the United States would double the international funding of our people. So that developing countries can deal with the climate crisis. We will work with the Congress to double that number. ”

Meanwhile, in moderate remarks, Xi Jinping did not speak directly about the conflict with the United States. The Biden administration has sought Beijing’s cooperation in formulating policies to address the climate crisis. Beijing has therefore spoken in the same tone.

Guterres welcomed Chin Ping’s move and Biden’s pledge to double the climate fund by 2024 in conjunction with the US Congress. In a statement, he said the move away from the coal project could be the single most important step that could meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping temperatures within 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The future belongs to those who give people the ability to breathe freely; The future is not happy for those who hold their breath. Biden added, ‘We must all call for and condemn the persecution of ethnic, minority or religious minorities. Whether it’s Xinjiang or northern Ethiopia or anywhere in the world. Instead of continuing the wars of the past, we will focus on tackling challenges such as global epidemics, climate change and cyber security threats,” he said.

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