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Killian Mbappe will play for Real Madrid

Killian Mbappe will play for Real Madrid

Killian Mbappe has tried his best this season. PSG is no longer in the mind, even though it was not announced publicly, there was no one left to know. PSG’s sports director Leonardo has admitted that Mbopp wants to leave the club. Of course there was no way without acknowledging Leonardo. Real Madrid sat down with an offer of 160 million euros for Mbappe a week before the end of the transfer window.

PSG did not agree to that proposal. Real Madrid increased the offer amount to 160 million euros and then 200 million euros. But with only one year left, PSG has not been satisfied with such a large amount for such a player. The French forward remained in Paris. However, Real supporters are not losing hope. Mbappe will play for Real one day – the hope that the Real players are showing.

This is the first time Benzema has had the opportunity to play with Mbappe before the Euros. The forward, who has been in the national team for five years, has quickly forged a friendship with Mbopp. Real supporters were full of hope after seeing the chemistry of the two on and off the field. Mbappe raised his hopes in the transfer window at the end of the Euros, when he decided to return to Real after withdrawing his PSG contract renewal offer.

But next week, Benzema will team up with MBAP again. The two will play in the jersey of France in the World Cup qualifier match. Earlier, Benzema assured the club’s supporters. “Mbappe said it himself,” he told Le Kip. He wants something else. One day or another he will play for Real Madrid. I don’t know when. But he will come. It’s just a matter of time. ”

If you want, you can freely announce your contract with any other club in January. Then, to make the decision easier, he put the hat on for Mbopp in a different way. Although there are no big stars, Mbappe will get a good squad if he comes to Real because of all the young talents, that’s what Benzema said.

‘Real Madrid is still the best club in the world. Restructured or not, it’s new football, new generation, new players. We need to invest in young players so that one day they can be great players. When you improve others, you improve the team and that gives you a lot of satisfaction, “Benzema told Le Kip. Will Benzema get a chance to help Mbappe at the club after the national team?

However, Barcelona is ahead in terms of possession of the ball and taking shots for the goal. However, they can hardly spread fear in the opposing camp. Ronald Kuman’s side took a total of nine shots, controlling the ball 70 percent of the time throughout the match, two of which were on target. And three of Atletico’s six shots were on target.

In all competitions, Barcelona have been unbeaten in five consecutive matches against Atletico, losing all three. In La Liga, they have lost and drawn twice in four matches. The Catalan club lost 3-2 in the final of the 2021 Spanish Super Cup.

Atletico took the lead in the 23rd minute with a great two-pass attack from midfield. Luis Suarez extended the defensive pass to the D-box with Felix’s extended ball. And after getting the ball in the gap, the French midfielder Lima found the address with a corner kick at the first touch.
This shows the weakness of Barcelona’s defense. It was eye-catching to find the ball in Lima’s gap in the D-box. Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets exchanged words after the goal, but their lack of understanding became clear. Memphis Depai was also seen saying something angrily in the middle.

Four minutes later, Barcelona could have equalized with a counter attack. However, Philippe Coutinho’s low shot from the mouth of the D-box bounced off the post. Suarez wasted a golden opportunity to widen the gap in the next minute; The former Barcelona star took a missed shot after finding a gap in Felix’s pass box.

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