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LAN – GAMES LTD Redefining Success Through Multiplayer Board Games

Board games have been a tradition for centuries, and no one misses a nice game night to replenish their inner kid. These games also result in a family or group of friends bonding, with everyone laughing at the conclusion. However, things have changed and even the wonderful old classic board games have been shifted to the Google Play and Apple App Store.

LAN – GAMES LTD is one of the top firms that engaged in this transformation early on and presented the public with the greatest online board games that will make you feel like you’re playing on a real board. Most significantly, they have improved the games by adding contests and challenges to keep players engaged.

Creating a Path to Success

LAN – GAMES LTD is a small European firm that specializes in the creation of software for online multiplayer board games such as Rento Monopoly, LUDO, Chess, Backgammon, Happy Words, and many others. They are in charge of game development, mobile and console games, and multiplayer online games. Online tournaments, competitive games, and online and offline family tabletop gaming. With their revolutionary games, they want to build the world’s largest gateway of online board games. They have recently launched the game platform BoardGamesOnline. Net offers 17 multiplayer board games, the most popular and well-known of which are Rento Monopoly, Happy Words (similar to Scrabble), and Farm Builder (similar to Carcassonne).

Rento has taken the Chinese market by storm since its inception. This provided LAN GAMES much-needed fame, and the Rento game now has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play market. Rento has been the best-selling game on the Steam platform in the “Board Games” category for months in 2017. Making a reputation for yourself in the Chinese market is a difficult challenge given that it is one of the most well-known marketplaces and everyone wants to have their games ranked among the top. Furthermore, with all of the national limitations, particularly the China firewall, hosting a gaming server in China is difficult if the legal entity does not have a local presence there.

Become a Member of the Community

LAN – GAMES LTD is more than just a game creation firm; they also have a community on their website where players can talk, establish ranks, play together, and even post images of their gaming progress and successes. Every Sunday, they also have mass tournaments in which the top five winners receive various prizes such as their printed game Rento Fortune or credits/coins and VIP account membership for their portal website.

They are on their way to changing the history of board games with their revolutionary ideas and bringing people who enjoy board games together. The good news is that you may play games directly on their website or by downloading on your iOS and Android devices for a better version and easier access. With LAN – GAMES LTD, you may relive the glory days of board games.

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