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Learning a New Language is Really Important To Enrich Your Life

Learning a New Language is Really Important To Enrich Your Life

Learning a new language is really important to enrich your life with knowledge. But many people think that learning a language is costly. You are just surprised to know that there are dozens of online language learning websites for free. These websites have language experts that teach you lessons, images, games, videos, and interaction. Through these activities, you can learn a new language very easily. You can translate English to Spanish, Spanish to French, and also into several languages. Really Important To Enrich Your Life In addition, they have the best options from beginner to intro-level courses that able you to be fluent in the language. These online free courses let you dip your toes in the pool like if you’re genuinely want to learn. Your investment of time in learning the new language eliminates the need for professional translation services.

Free Language Learning Resources Really Important To Enrich Your Life

This website is a free language learning tool that uses techniques for memorizing all concepts while learning. Really Important To Enrich Your Life There are many courses provided by Memrise to build the basic and expert level of your language learning. On this website when you are doing the courses there is no need to follow a standard start to finish sequence. You can gather points while learning the course. There is also a leader board that you can use as inspiration to compete with other members. Memrise provides an option for users to make a group study with classmates, friends, or other people. You can also some options that are available for paid members. Languages that anyone can learn are French, Spanish, Slovenian, Arabic, Turkish, English, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian.


This website is generally useful for learning of Spanish language. Really Important To Enrich Your Life You can learn for free with the help of games, quizzes, lessons, and audio files. There is also the option of verb conjugate, sentence maker, English to Spanish, and Spanish to English translators. This website has also a Spanish test that tells you from which level you should start if you are not sure. You can get a lot of free language resources. But for using content without ads and some extra features you have to subscribe to the premium package.


It is the best website for learning a new language for free. You can easily grasp, and there are tons of languages to pick from. There are a lot of functions that are very helpful for learning from basic. While you learning from this website you will get stories for reading and listening skills, a discussion forum for interaction. Moreover, you can switch to another language at any time without losing your present position. There are many languages that you can learn from this website. These languages are such as Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Klingon, Litin, Navaji, Norwegian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, High Valyrian, Czech and Chinese.

Mango Languages:

Mango language website is a very handful website for learning the language for free. But if you want to access extra lectures then either you have to sign up or pay. This website is simple to use, offering interactive lessons. You can listen to particular words of a sentence, again and again, using a microphone. Moreover, you can test your pronunciation and do compare your voice with the spoken in the lessons. You will learn on these website languages like Chaldean Aramaic, Pirate, Ancient Greek, Hawaiian, Cherokee, Potawatomi, Scottish Gaelic, Dzongkha, English, Tuvan, and Yiddish.

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Internet Polyglot

This website is a collection of massive flashcard games. You just need to select the language that to learn after that you will get a number of lessons. These lessons are in the form of pictures, matching games, and typing games. You can learn many languages on these websites. These languages are Amharic, Finnish, French, Farsi, Dutch, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Swahili, Turkish, and Ukrainian.


This website has a language learning feature that provides learning to beginner, elementary and intermediate levels. While learning the language you can skip any lesson that you want. Also, monitor the progress of all your learning skill from one page. There is also a tool for doing social interaction with native speakers. This interaction has a major advantage in that you can learn another language through normal conversation. You can use it for free but if you want to learn a large number of languages. Then you have to take premium plans that have more features as compared to the free plan. You can learn French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Arabic.


LearnALanguage.com website is very helpful for knowing the number of languages. There are some languages that only feature a list of basic words that help in the pronunciation. Some other has a full tutorial with flashcards, greeting, and slangs. You can easily brush up your basic and general words of a particular language. Using this website you can learn Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.


It is basically based on the text there is no kind of interactive lessons and videos. But it is useful for common sentences. These sentences are like asking for direction, making a call, writing letters, making reservations, seeking medical help, and dealing with law enforcement. You will get a vocabulary list and grammar instructions. They teach Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and German.

FSI Language Courses

The tutorial on this website was developed by the U.S. Government. Anyone can use the information freely in the public domain. You can get 73 languages in their course. Anyone can order tutorials by units and also featured with MP3 files. Some have audiotapes, a workbook for practice, and attached PDF files. They teach languages such as French, Arabic, German, Korean, Italian, Cambodian, Japanese, Amharic, Bengali, and many more.

Living Language

Living language website offers you free PDF files they don’t have free lessons. You can learn different skills by learning thousands of essential words and phrases. In addition, all the PDF files are beneficial for beginners, and anybody can download them without a user account. You can learn languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and Spanish.

Final Thoughts

Most of the free language courses are well organized and you are more comfortable learning a new language. They also provide you the audio conversion of one language to another like English to Spanish. Moreover, they offer you a consistent set of chapters in the form of PDF, videos, and some assignments with answers. So you can enhance your skills in learning a particular language. After learning the new language you are able you to do conversation with international friends, client. It really helps you to do business also in another country. In addition, there is no need for professional translation services for any documentation. Happy Learning!

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