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Legit Strategies to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

There are five legitimate ways to increase the visibility of your music on SoundCloud. You can make great music, use your existing audience, build your email list, and create great music. These strategies will ensure that your music receives more plays. These strategies are explained in detail below. Here are five ways to increase the visibility of your music on SoundCloud. But remember that email is still king.

Make Actually Great Music

Producing quality music is the best way to grow your SoundCloud plays. Unfortunately, anyone with a DAW and an internet connection can make a great song, and you’ll need to create great music to stand out from the competition. The music market is oversaturated and you need to make actually great music to be heard by the right audience. Here are three ways to make your music stand out.

First, don’t buy plays. You’ll only gain a veneer of fame by buying fake SoundCloud plays. While buying plays can be convenient, they’re also less organic than a real following. Don’t be fooled – legit companies exist to help you promote your music. However, they won’t give anything back. Make Actually Great Music on SoundCloud and enjoy the process!

Next, attach your link to your SoundCloud profile. While you’re at this, attach your SoundCloud link permanently to your profile. Whether your SoundCloud account is private or public, making your link public will help you gain more plays. You’ll also want to use social media to get free downloads. Make sure your SoundCloud profile is linked to a website. A website that is geared towards the music industry can be a great strategy to gain organic plays.

It’s important that you keep up with current trends and keep your music fresh. Follow other artists on SoundCloud to gain access to their popularity and leave comments on their posts. This will allow you to gain more followers and fans. You’ll soon be a hit with your music if you keep up to date with the latest trends. With a little patience, you’ll be well on your way to success with SoundCloud!

Leverage Existing Audiences

There are many ways you can promote your SoundCloud activity. You can also include links to social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. You can also collaborate and create remixes with other musicians. If you are a new artist, you should use SoundCloud as a free platform for promotion. There are many ways to reach existing audiences and get more SoundCloud plays. Here are some ways to promote SoundCloud activities.

Some people leverage money and connections to boost their careers. These services may offer packages with x Followers and Likes, but they could also include unengaged Followers. You can also pay to get advice from industry experts and take courses to improve your skills. Depending on which service you choose, you might need to pay a specific amount to help your music reach its full potential.

In addition to these three channels, use other social media to create an online community. One of the most popular social media sites is Instagram, which has lost some of its original lusters but is still the second-largest network for musicians. Although Facebook is now focusing more on Web3 and curtailing metaverse, it can still help artists and fans connect. Twitter is an excellent way to rally fans and promote new tracks on SoundCloud. Many users use Twitter to share links, and sharing those links can help direct traffic to your SoundCloud tracks.

After your SoundCloud content is uploaded, you must promote it. You need to develop a solid strategy for fan engagement and get your music played. By following other artists on social media, you can increase your Soundcloud engagement and grow your fan base. This allows you to leverage your existing audiences. SoundCloud can be used to promote your music and other services. You can also use your existing audience to get more exposure and popularity.


Email is still King

Although it may seem like email is dying, it is still one of the best ways to promote your SoundCloud track. Emailing your audience is the best way to promote your music. SoundCloud users prefer specific music and will not listen to your track if it isn’t what they are looking for. The best way to get your music in front of them is by sending them an email with a link to your SoundCloud page.

Most people will jump right to Facebook and other social media platforms, but emails are still king! Emails have a much higher engagement rate than social media, and they’re used by more people than you think! Here are some ways to collect email addresses from your fans:

Building a List

SoundCloud can be a fantastic way to gain exposure and gain followers. It has over 175 million monthly users and continues to grow exponentially. Thousands of artists use SoundCloud to promote their music and gain new followers. Its excellent features and ability to capture a massive following of listeners are just a few reasons why it has become so popular. One impressive feature is its AI, which analyzes listener listening history to give you better insights into your audience.

Emailing potential Soundcloud listeners is another great way to reach them. It is important that you remember that SoundCloud users have different musical tastes. They won’t repost your music unless they like it. Sending email newsletters to this group is a great way to ensure that your email reaches the right people. The Soundcloud Manager is an incredibly useful tool for leveraging multiple SoundCloud accounts.

When building a list, use your email address to solicit people to follow you on SoundCloud. If you want to stand out organically, you can give them a download gate in exchange for following you. You can opt-out of sending emails and use one of the newsletter tools that offers a free trial version. Building a list is an important part of your music marketing strategy. So, if you want to get more plays on SoundCloud, you must make sure your music is of the highest quality.

Another great way to build a list on SoundCloud is to embed your SoundCloud player on your website. This can help you get more plays and views for your music. This will increase your exposure on websites such as blogs, radio stations, news sites, and music news websites. Another way to build a list on SoundCloud is to ask for help from friends and other artists. Don’t be self-centered, just try to approach people in a non-selfish manner and ask for help.


Repost Chains

One of the best ways to promote your music on SoundCloud is to make use of Repost Chains. Repost chains are a group of individuals who dynamically repost your music. They are great because they help you generate more awareness of your music and gain more plays. You should be careful when using repost chains because they can cause irritation among your followers. You should only use repost chains if you’re certain they will benefit your music or brand.

Repost Chains on SoundCloud can help you increase your exposure and get more listeners. These groups include musicians, labels, influencers, and other music professionals who will repost your track for a small fee. These reposts can bring thousands of plays to your song. Repost chains work because social media is a powerful platform for music promotion. People spend a lot of their time on social media platforms. Your songs can be shared with others who follow you to increase exposure.

Repost chains can be called many different things, including mutual support chains, repost networks, or repost trade groups. They all share one thing in common: the ability to use multiple accounts to generate organic plays and listens. You can join one and make a few tracks and invite your fans to repost them as well. If you can create a successful repost network, you will be exposed to millions.

You can also increase your exposure by reaching out to influential people and sharing your music. Influencers can be contacted to request that they repost your track. They will likely reply with positive feedback. Remember, it takes time and effort to get your music exposed, so take your time and write exclusive messages. You can even pay for Soundcloud Repost Network. It costs ten dollars a month, but you’ll be rewarded with all the other features.

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