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Lighting Up Your Home With Lanterns Adds Style

Lighting Up Your Home With Lanterns Adds Style

Lighting up your home with lanterns adds style and atmosphere. Here are some lantern decorating ideas you should consider before you just place a lantern in the middle of the table! As a general rule, lanterns can be used in a variety of ways. The addition of a lantern can make any room in your house seem a little more welcoming! There is no shortage of options whether indoors or outdoors, high or low, hung alone or in clusters… there is something for everyone. Their enclosed nature makes them a popular candle solution because they protect the candle against elements (and curious toddler hands). When lanterns are not lit, they look stunning as well. Their effortless transition from day to night is like the perfect little black dress!

Considerations for Planning A Lantern Decor Lighting Up Your Home :

A lantern is usually made from a combination of different materials, such as metal, wood, or glass. A lantern’s most common color and material is black, white, or wood tones. Most decorative lanterns are able to “match” any room or color scheme! Having that said, you should consider whether the lantern is particularly classic and rustic.

1. Lantern Decor Size

Note the dimensions of a lantern before you purchase it, or place an existing lantern in the correct location and use. Lantern decor is beautiful, but it needs to work with your space as well! It’s not practical for a dinner bash with large lanterns to allow your guests to converse, for example. Conversely, a lantern that is too small will look incomplete and skimpy.

2. Placement of Lantern Decor

Tabletop Lanterns

There are undoubtedly various possibilities if you really want to change things up or conserve valuable surface area for other uses or design. A lantern would look fantastic on any centre tables in your house.

Floor Lanterns

The floor lantern trend is not going anywhere anytime soon! Make sure the floor lanterns are large enough if you do decide to purchase one. To make it clear that the lanterns are intentional, we recommend arranging two or more different-sized lanterns together.

Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns somehow add a magical touch to any space! The best way to display these lanterns is to arrange them in groups. The ideal combination would be to arrange several lanterns that can’t stand alone but look great when mixed together!

Lanterns on A Wall

You can also add a bit of charm and dim lighting to your home by hanging lanterns on the wall. Even though some people might not classify these sconces as “lanterns,” we adored them too much to leave them out of our collection.

Through Density Shading

A stunning work of art may be made by improving the density of a lantern. The outside of the lantern is completely coated in a transparent, opaque substance that conceals any indication of its real nature. It could appear to be nothing but a light that has been covered from the outside. Furthermore, by including more layers on the inside of the cover, you may create images with astounding detail. When the lantern is switched on, shade may be added to a picture since less illumination escapes as the material becomes denser.

3. Filling Your Lantern

Lantern Lighting

If you wish your lantern to be lit every day, LED candles might prove more practical than classic candles. There are many companies that offer timers and/or remote control, which makes setting the mood simple! In today’s world, many lanterns come with lightbulbs, so you can use the lantern for more than just decoration.

Alternative Lantern Decor Fillers

In addition to lanterns that are lit up, there are a few alternatives. It’s easy to style different lanterns so that they’re visually intriguing if you have a group of lanterns. In the world of Pinterest, you can create some Pinterest-worthy creations. You can check out lanterns online.

Greenery In Lanterns

Several lanterns with greenery inside have been shown to be really cool. A small potted plant (space permitting) can be used, depending on the lantern and how green your thumb is. You can mix lanterns with lighting and greenery if you have a grouping of lanterns.

Seasonal Lantern Decor

Further, lanterns are an ideal way to organize holiday decor. Are you overloading your tree with ornaments or do you have ornaments that don’t seem to match its style? Make use of a lantern to store the extras. To bring in the holiday vibes, you can also use cones, holly, and smaller tree branches. With lanterns, you can decorate them for any time of year, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Easter, or patriotic days!

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