Lil Mabu is Gaining Worldwide Attention

Lil Mabu is Gaining Worldwide Attention

Streaming sites have given artists the freedom to release music whenever, regardless of whether they have label backing or not. Meet Lil Mabu, a promising rising New York artist, born in Manhattan. After being brought to a studio on his friend’s Birthday, he began to regularly be exposed to the rap culture and it was at the beginning of ninth grade when he composed his first song “Glue” and released it on SoundCloud for fun. Although this song has now been removed, it accumulated thousands of streams within the first couple days of its release and this was surely the start of something big. The quick following and core fan based he built in such a small amount of time was fascinating. People spend years in the industry to master their craft and promote their music and this 14 year-old kid has only been in the industry for less than 1 year. He followed up with, “Heartbreaking,” a hook laden trap bop that amassed over 100,000 streams on all DSP’s in the first 30 days of the release. While gaining worldwide attention and millions of streams, Lil Mabu accumalted over 30,000 followers and still remains as an Independent artist with no label, manager, or distribution deal. He serves as motivation for the young and old rap culture and I greatly look forward to seeing the performance of his highly anticipated singe “Miss Me” that is releasing on Oct. 16th.

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