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Lionel Messi had the best night yesterday after signing for PSG

Lionel Messi had the best night yesterday after signing for PSG. The Argentine forward scored the first goal for the Parisian club yesterday. That goal was not extraordinary! Get the ball in the middle and go ahead. Going to the box, he gave the ball to Killian Mbappe. The Argentine forward scored with a great shot when the French striker gave the ball to Messi again with a great back flick.

Messi had to take the role of ‘worker’ again on the day of giving such an artistic goal. Rio Ferdinand, a former England defender and now a football pundit, is reluctant to let him play such a role in defense. Ferdinand, who won the 2006 Champions League with Manchester United along with Cristiano Ronaldo, is furious with PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino.

Messi’s magical goal in the 64th minute, before that the first goal of PSG was sung by Idrisa Gana. PSG won 2–0 against Manchester City. Manchester City got a free-kick just outside the box of PSG in the added time of the match. Messi had to take a different role during that free-kick. The Argentine captain was lying behind the wall built by his teammates. Messi lay down to make sure that the players on the wall jumped and rolled and took a free-kick so that the ball would not go towards the PSG post!

Messi is now seen all the time to take this strategy to the opposing team while taking a free-kick. But whether Messi rolled on the ground like this tomorrow! That’s what the team needs to do, but Messi-Ronaldo-Neymar-sized players have never been seen to do something like that. Seeing Messi lying behind the human wall like this tomorrow has aroused disbelief in the minds of many.

There have been jokes about this. Neymar, whose friendship has been a big influence behind Messi’s move to PSG, posted a picture of Messi lying behind a human wall in his Instagram story. The picture shows what Neymar is saying to Messi. With the photo on Instagram story, Neymar tagged Messi on the photo and wrote, “What are you doing there!” What else to poke a friend!

But Ferdinand can’t believe that one of the best footballers of the time has to play such a role. When Pachettino asked Messi to do it on practice, someone should have said, ‘No, no, no, no, no, Ferdinand, a former Manchester United defender, told English channel BT Sports after the match. A player like Leo Messi should not do that. ” It’s insulting, I (if Messi) wouldn’t have done it. ‘

If Ferdinand had been in the PSG, he would have protested, “If I had been in the team, I would have said (to Messi), ‘Listen, I’ll lie there instead of you.’ I’m sorry, I can’t believe he’s lying on the ground to stop the free-kick. It looks bad! Jerseys of players like Messi can not be dirty! This is not the job of players like Messi.  Not only Ferdinand, but many football fans around the world have reacted angrily to Messi’s role. Nubaid, a Twitter user, wrote, “Think about it, who can do this with Messi!” What a great courtesy!


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