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List of the best 4 Websites for Light Novel Lover in 2022

Are you a novel lover? Do you like to write your novels? But you don’t know how to introduce your novel to the reader. Surely you have also tried to upload your novels to novel websites but the results are still zero. You are at an impasse and want to end your novel-writing career here.

Don’t worry too much because famous writers have been in the same situation as you. Everyone has failed the first time and made mistakes. However, you need to have specific strategies. In addition to the content of your story attracting readers, you also need to have a reasonable marketing strategy for that product. But not everyone knows reputable websites to publish novels and knows how to reach readers effectively.

Here are our suggestions for four novel and manhwa websites where you can build your reader fan base and monetize it. Let’s explore them together.

1. Freenovel.me

It is the best novel updates website online  and fanfiction website. There are a lot of artists in the area who occasionally cooperate on book covers. Over the previous few years, some popular tales have received millions of views. Members may also hang out, communicate, and support one another on the site’s forum and Discord server.

Freenovel.me is a website with a large variety of articles and materials designed to help authors of all kinds. You can be a blogger, a freelance writer, a published author, or an essayist, and Freenovel.me will help you with your writing in both directions.

It contains an archive of useful articles that will help your organization as a writer, sharpen or acquire new writing skills and form a healthier habit of writing. It will tell you about the latest updates in the writer world.

They have a section devoted to marketing as marketing is an important aspect of modern world writers where they inform you about social media, create websites and portfolios, create lists email, etc. It will help with both your blogging and game publishing in every possible way!

2. Webnovel

Webnovel is one of the apps that provide users with the most popular and appealing series. The storybook on Webnovel is continually updated and varies in genres ranging from horror to martial arts to history to provide users with the most pleasant enjoyment environment possible.

Webnovel will continually deliver viewers the most recent series from well-known authors. Furthermore, readers may express their emotions and remark on the series while reading chapters on the webnovel application.

Non-fiction fiction, poetry to screenwriters; The platform offers insightful articles, interviews with many writers, helpful tips, lists, tutorials, grammar suggestions, writing guides, book recommendations, other tools and resources, and even writing prompts.

Webnovel gives you help with publishing, building your online platform, and providing market insights. It’s also home to major writing events with seminars and presentations by people from the world of writing that you can attend online.

They also hold annual writing competitions in various writing genres, with amazing prizes. You can attend and submit your articles to the site and hope for the best! The site is packed with valuable content, materials, and activities that you might not want to miss as a creator.

3. Fullnovel.org

Fullnovel.org is a fantastic resource for all types of authors. One of the major goals of the site is to assist writers in publishing their works by providing them with tools and support in reaching out to editors, publishers, translators to make the process go more smoothly.

The website was created to serve a variety of goals and assist them in all aspects of writing. It is for this reason that the website is constructed in layers.

Besides the services they provide to writers, they also have a novel full with which you can access amazing insights into the world of writing. Not only that, but Fullnovel.org offers online writing courses that you can access for free. You can also watch in-depth webinars from Fullnovel.org.

You can access free writing tools in the mail from Full novel, explore other writers’ published work, read reviews of other writers through Full novel, and access unlimited resources. Various writing prompts to refresh your creative perspective through Full novel.

Full novel also has a list of all types, writing exercises, and a variety of other tools to assist you in writing a book or any other type of writing. Through websites, networks, and new writer relationships, you may connect with a community of authors.

In short, Full novel is a comprehensive package for writers that covers all aspects of your writing journey without requiring you to pay for it. Every writer’s bookmark should include it.

4. Wattpad

Wattpad is a community story page on the internet, widely used in today’s life. In particular, users can post stories, articles, poems on all topics by accessing directly via the homepage or through the Wattpad application. Instead of having to go and buy your favorite storybooks, this smart application will help you read manhwa,manhua, webtoon, light novel anytime, anywhere.

Wattpad is a place for everyone with a strong passion for stories. The way it works is easy, a few clicks and fill in all your information to have a complete profile on Wattpad. Users can read other people’s stories or write their style works. Wattpad allows you to adjust images, keywords or insert animated audio videos into articles using built-in tools on the application.

Although the Wattpad program is not new, it is now quite popular and fits the needs of many users. Wattpad is a great place to go when you need to read poetry, lengthy stories, short stories, love stories, novels, study materials, and other things but don’t have a lot of time or money to go out and locate them. It is a wonderful tool to utilize if you need a location to upload useful papers to save and share with pals. 

Wattpad has many outstanding features such as how to divide scientific documents: by chapter, by time, by topic, etc., helping readers to find and use conveniently. The reading function of this application also allows you to drag left-right, up-down, or turn pages by touching the screen, download and save documents for free or share on social networks.

In Conclusion

These are the top four websites we’ve found to be excellent guidelines and resources for writers. We hope this list inspires you to write with even more originality and efficiency.

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