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London is Famous For Its Business Districts

London is Famous For Its Business Districts

London is famous for it’s business districts, so it’s no surprise that you are heading into London on business! We are here with a few simple things you can do to prepare for your business trip in London, whether you’re here for just a day or for longer.

Pre-Book Your Transport

Our very first tip to help you prepare for your business trip to London is to prebook your transport. Of course you will be doing this if you are flying in, but we mean more if you are travelling to London from within the UK. On the day bus or train prices are very expensive, so it is definitely always worth pre-booking your long train journeys in advance. All of the most secure car parks, like Care Park, get booked up quite far in advance too, so you should always book this as soon as possible. Life is also easier if you preload an Oyster card so you can keep track of what you’re spending and have records of everything if you are going to expense it at work.

Overall, no matter how you are getting into London or travelling around, plan all your routes and pre-book as much as possible to prevent any delays whilst you’re there.

Travel Off-Peak

Next up, we would always advise that you are travelling off-peak around London where possible. Not only is peak travel much more expensive, but it is also extremely busy, especially if you are driving, getting the tube or a taxi. So, wherever possible, plan your day so that you are travelling after 9am and before or after 5pm so your journey is as smooth, affordable and comfortable as possible.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time For Travel Around London

Moving on from the last point, even if you are travelling off-peak, you need to give yourself plenty of time to get around the city. If you are going to see different clients around London, you’ve got to do some pre-planning, as it is over 1,572km squared in total (compared to Manchester which is only 115.6 km squared), so a quick stroll from one side of the city to the other is certainly not possible.

So, try to plan strategically so you have a simple route that will prevent you from going back and forth. In terms of travel around the city, the tube (London Underground) is certainly quickest, especially at busy times, so we would always recommend this unless you don’t like busy spaces.

Plan Some Time To Explore 

Although you are in London for business, you’ve got to plan some time to explore. This is especially important if you don’t come to London often or if you’ve come from overseas, as it is a fantastic city that is definitely worth exploring whilst you’re there! You might only be able to look at a small section during your time there, but do a bit of research to see where you’d like to go in your short time. If you want somewhere very central, head to Hyde Park to enjoy some scenery, and from here you can go to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and you can stop off for a spot of lunch in Belgravia, one of the poshest areas of London!

If you’re working hard, you deserve to enjoy all of the beauty that London has to offer.

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