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Lytton’s wife expressed her anger

Bangladesh has not yet won this year’s T20 World Cup Super Twenty. Investigating the cause of the extraction rate did not reduce the turbidity of the water. The team’s senior cricket player was accused of commenting on how the situation was handled.
players, former players, coaches and BCB officials criticized each other. Even among families. Meanwhile, Liton is monitored on social media across the country.

Facebook is full of satirical memes. This resh was seen before the match against the West Indies. In a good mood, Mim continues with some of the actions Lytton can do against the Caribbean.

However, this trend crosses the line on some of the country’s e-commerce Facebook pages. They announced a discount on the number of Liton races.
However, his wife Devasley Biswas Sanchita posted a statement on her Facebook page to critics of Bangladesh’s opening round Litondas. In addition, his wife Devasley Biswas Sanchita was insulted by an advertising campaign about Litondas’ field performance.
Sanchita wrote on Facebook on Friday night: ”

The point is that every time someone misses a catch or goes wrong, it’s not a real problem. Sometimes the problem is just in a particular person or their name! How people enjoy It’s not difficult for us to know if we’re out or making a meme. Because we are used to it. But when I see some business sites trying to run their business under their name (Liton Das) or indirectly praying for their poor performance.

When I saw this, I lost my speech. Imagine you were a very terribly humble man! They are praying for players who get bad in-game scores for their trading strategies! It’s a shame ! !! !! `
Liton’s World Cup entry has been badly criticized. Lytton’s two largest catches against Sri Lanka were the most criticized.

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