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Maharaja, salute you!

Today is the third Sunday in June, Father’s Day.

On the occasion of this special day, Godrej Protect Magic Handwash and Prothom Alo Online urged the readers to write. A large number of readers have written their thoughts under the headline ‘Dad, you have not been told’. One of the selected articles is published here.

Dad would go to work before he woke up in the morning. Our three siblings were very young then. We’ve been waiting for Dad all day for months. We waited from noon to afternoon, and from afternoon to evening. Dad doesn’t come.

This is a great wait for Dad. Mother used to clean the dishes and pots and pans and prepare everything for cooking before evening. The money that my father earns from working will be used to buy rice for us.

It’s evening, Dad doesn’t come. Mom lit a bottle of kerosene and told us to read a book. We two brothers and sisters light a cup, read a book and wait for Dad. At one point my younger sister started crying with hunger.

We understand at least a little bit, so we keep quiet. But he doesn’t understand anymore. Once he fell asleep crying. We also get tired. Dad doesn’t come. We also fell asleep after blowing out the golden light of the cup.


Someone put a hand on my head very early in the morning. And in a light tone, he says ‘Prince, this prince …’. I woke up and saw my father. My father calls me a prince and my sisters call me a princess. He called our three siblings, put them in his lap and put them in a sack. As I rolled my eyes, I saw my mother lifting hot steamed rice from our plate.

Dad, do you know what’s in my life? I will publish in any language, can not find!

I’ve learned to fight since that day, you know? I have been determined not to give up the directional holiday since the day the sky was filled with thick black clouds. That chircena terrible kalabaisakhi!

This Kalbaishakhi was a great terror for us. The storm would have shattered our two shabby houses. Our cries would have increased. But something else happened that day.

As soon as the storm came, we ran to our father in fear. Dad also hugged us with both hands. And he says, ‘Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen. ‘ We feel his father’s heartbeat as he is in his father’s chest, the hot breath of his nose falls on our head.

Once the speed of the storm increases. The shed of this house is blown away! Dad left us and ran away, holding the shed tightly. And we scream in fear. Then mother goes with father. I go too. We all hang on to the roof of the house until the storm stops.

Kalbaishakhi lost to us that day. That’s how I’m fighting, Dad! I am steadfast in your teaching to fight! Sprain, but do not break.

I occasionally go home from campus to fix broken fences. The fences on both sides of our kitchen were fixed but the front fences were never fixed by me.

Because Dad doesn’t want to. So that dogs and cats can come here and take shelter during storms. I’m surprised! When Dad comes home from somewhere at night, the sound of his walking makes the dogs, cats, cows, goats, ducks, pigeons and other animals around our house cry!

The Creator has given my father an amazing beauty, which teaches me a lot, makes me think, floods me, and brings tears to my eyes!
Dad, even if I give you Panta Bhat without salt, eat it has-humus without saying anything. Why are you so simple! What a simple life you have.

I have never seen you regret anything. You have amazing power, Dad the power to keep a smile on your face all the time! You are very, very happy. As if four annas in your pocket are the king and eight annas are the emperor! Hundreds of millions of crores of salutations to you!

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