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Mahmudullah is worried about match after match without catch

Mahmudullah sat like a loyal student at the press conference and waited for a while. After chasing 142 runs and losing by 3 runs, the Bangladesh captain seemed to come prepared. In three of the three matches in a row, Super Twelve has suffered a setback without a catch. Mahmudullah did not hesitate to admit it.

Explaining the reason for the loss, Mahmudullah said, “The bowlers bowled well. I think if I could take one or two chances that came again, it would be at least 10 runs less. Then it would have been a little easier for us to chase the run. Tried, didn’t. That’s the T20 game. ”

By chance, Mahmudullah definitely meant not being able to stump without three catches in the match. Missing two catches and stumping turned the West Indies innings around.

Chase gave the return catch to Mehdi while batting for 9 in the seventh over. Mehedi also left Chase’s catch for 26 runs. Chase eventually made 39 off 46 balls. Nicholas Puran, who scored 40 off 22 balls, missed the opportunity to stump him for 2 runs. Doubt whether West Indies could have scored 100 runs if they could have taken these opportunities!

Liton dropped two catches against Sri Lanka in the Super Twelve and handed over the match to the opponent. This time Bangladesh has dropped 8-9 catches from the first round of T20 World Cup. It is very difficult to do well in the tournament with so many catches. Due to his fee, Bangladesh’s semi-final dream is now on the way to being shattered.

Without catches, Mahmudullah said, “In such an important match, the best fielders of the team have expectations. No one misses a catch on purpose, but the best have the expectation to take chances. But since match after match we are making mistakes, so now it is definitely a matter of concern. We need to do better catching and we should. ‘

Bangladesh will play the last two matches against South Africa and Australia in the Super Twelve. Mahmudullah’s team is at the bottom of their group after losing 3 matches.

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