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Mahmudullah pleaded guilty

Bangladesh needed 30 runs in the last 3 overs to win. In the last over, the score came to 13 runs. Bangladesh needed 6 runs to win the last 2 balls. Mahmudullah took 2 runs off the fifth ball made by Andre Russell. Bangladesh could have won their first Super Twelve if they could have hit a boundary in the last over. But Mahmudullah could not put the last ball in the bat.

The captain of Bangladesh has taken the responsibility that Bangladesh could not win with such an account. Mahmudullah was thinking about how Russell could do the last ball. He also thought about how to hit any ball and through which area. But in the end could not reconcile. Though he thought, he could not play the ball accordingly.

“I knew the last ball would go to Russell’s block hole,” he told a post-match press conference. Since there were four fielders in the leg. The previous two balls made a good yorker, I could not score that way. So I thought if he misses (Yorker) then I can hit with mid off, cover, point or backward point. (Can’t do that) It’s my fault, I couldn’t use (the opportunity).

Mahmudullah pleaded guilty

Mahmudullah also said that everything was fine till the last ball in the last over and Bangladesh’s batting was good today. “We were batting properly,” he said. My and Litton’s pairing was fairly good. We would have gone much further if Bravo (the ball that Liton tried) had hit a six. It was a very big turning point. Liton was also set then. ‘

Mahmudullah also said that the outcome of the match could have been different if Liton had not been bowled near the boundary.

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